Castor oil and Aloe Vera are both packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins that help keep your hair healthy. For years, people have used Aloe to promote hair growth for people dealing with balding and thinness. But, does it really work?

Can Aloe Vera and castor oil really help your hair to grow?

Below, I cover exactly what each of Aloe Vera and Castor Oil are including what their benefits for hair are. I then discuss whether you should use castor oil and Aloe Vera for hair growth either alone or mixed together and then give you three special recipes and instructions for how to use these products together to benefit your hair.

How To Use Aloe Vera And Castor Oil For Hair Growth

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is derived from the aloe plant — a succulent similar to the cactus. Unlike the cactus, the spikes on the Aloe plant are not painful to touch. These plants grow in very hot and dry climates in parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

There are over 420 species of the Aloe plant, but Aloe Vera refers to the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant which is the plant most commonly used to create Aloe products.

Aloe is a very common house plant, and many people keep it for burns. You simply break off a small piece of the plant, squeeze out the secretions from inside, and apply it directly to the burn.

Traditionally, the gel from the Aloe plant has been used to treat wounds and burns. People would also use the green part of the leaf. Just below the surface of the leaf is a yellow substance called Aloe latex which people would use to make juices that were used as laxatives. People have been using these remedies for at least 6,000 years.

Today, we still recognize the healing properties of Aloe. It is a commonly found ingredient in cosmetics, lotions, soaps, burn solutions, and sunscreen. Aloe Vera is usually included with other ingredients or on its own in a gel form. However, you can purchase it as a supplement too to help with skin and digestive problems.

Increasingly, people have been using Aloe Vera as a treatment for hair growth. But, does it really work?

Aloe Vera gel
Aloe Vera gel

What Are The Benefits Of Using Aloe Vera In Your Hair?

Whether or not Aloe Vera can promote hair growth, it is widely accepted that Aloe can make existing hair healthier.

Unfortunately, there is not sufficient proof to state that Aloe certainly helps with the health of hair, but many people believe in its effects.

Why Is Aloe Vera Good For Your Hair?

Aloe Vera has about 75 active ingredients that are beneficial to your hair health. Some of the wonderful ingredients that you can find in Aloe Vera include proteins, proteolytic enzymes, amino acids, salicylic acid, vitamins, and minerals.

It Helps With An Itchy Scalp

There isn’t much research supporting this, but people that have used Aloe Vera for itchy scalp say that it helps. The reason that it likely helps is because Aloe contains salicylic acid and proteolytic enzymes, both of which dissolve dead skin cells. By ridding your scalp of dead skin cells, you’re likely to experience relief from itchiness.

Further, Aloe Vera is made up mostly of water which helps your scalp retain moisture. The ingredients in Aloe also contain moisturizing properties that can help prevent the tissue from drying out.

People who have used Aloe Vera on their scalp have received relief from irritation, eczema, dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis.

It Gets Rid Of Microbial Infections

The ingredients inside Aloe Vera give it anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. It can’t heal present infections, but it can relieve the symptoms of itchiness and irritation that comes along with it.

Also, in a healthy scalp, Aloe Vera will help prevent future infections.

It Protects The Scalp From Sun Damage

Aloe Vera contains a large amount of collagen which will naturally protect your skin and hair from the sun.

Besides that, Aloe is a natural coolant which is why it works so well with burns. Similarly, the natural coolant will protect your hair and scalp from the sun.

It Cleans Oily Hair

People who deal with annoying oily hair often find that Aloe Vera can help. It contains saponin which is an ingredient that is good at cleaning oil and grease.

Aloe is also a good moisturizer, so it doesn’t leave hair dry after removing the oils.

It Strengthens And Repairs Hair

Many people deal with hair that is damaged and brittle, and Aloe Vera has been found to help with that. Not only is Aloe moisturizing, but it contains minerals, vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as antioxidants. All these ingredients work together to help hair repair itself.

Also, if you have issues with your scalp and hair, it’s possible that you might have a pH imbalance. Aloe Vera has the same pH as what the scalp should have. So, if your scalp’s pH is messed up, you can apply Aloe to your scalp to return it to its natural balance.

It Can Make Your Hair Look Nicer

Because Aloe Vera has such great moisturizing properties, it can help reduce frizz. When the hair cuticles open, they lose natural oil that your hair needs to stay healthy. Aloe Vera will close those hair cuticles, helping your hair to hold onto those essential oils. When your hair is less frizzy, you will notice that it looks and feels softer as well.

The amino acids in Aloe Vera can also make your hair thicker and help it to look shinier.

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What Is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a natural vegetable oil derived from castor bean seeds. These plants can be found in the warm, tropical regions of Africa.

It has been used for centuries as a natural supplement to treat constipation, moisturize the skin, and heal wounds. It penetrates the scalp very easily, leading to better moisturizing and production of elastin and collagen.

To learn more about castor oil and how it helps the body, read our full article.

Castor oil and seeds
Castor oil and seeds

What Are The Benefits Of Using Castor Oil In Your Hair?

Like Aloe Vera, there is not enough scientific evidence to suggest that castor oil can promote hair growth. However, people that use the oil stand by the fact that it can help your hair be healthier.

It Helps With An Itchy Scalp

Castor oil is very moisturizing and is able to easily penetrate into the scalp. This helps it to reduce symptoms of dandruff and itchiness.

It Gets Rid Of Microbial Infections

Castor oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can prevent infections in an otherwise healthy scalp. Although it cannot heal an active infection, it can help relive the symptoms of itchiness and irritation.

It Strengthens & Repairs Hair

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids which work to reduce inflammation in the scalp and help hair to look healthier. It’s also believed that these nutrients help improve circulation in the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles. These properties help the roots to grow healthier and reduces the chances of your hair falling out.

It can also help to restore the balance of your scalp’s pH if it has gone off balance. Castor oil has the same pH as is necessary for your scalp to be healthy. Because castor oil penetrates so well into the skin, it can easily repair the pH balance of your scalp.

It Can Help Your Hair Look Nice

Of course, castor oil is a great conditioner, so you will notice an improvement in your hair. The oil will make your hair look and feel softer, and it will also give your hair a beautiful shine.

Not only that, but castor oil contains linoleic and oleic acids which prevents the damage that causes frizz.

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Should You Apply Castor Oil With Aloe Vera For Hair Growth? Does It Work?

Aloe Vera and castor oil both have wonderful properties that help keep hair healthy. So, would combining the two help your hair grow?

Aloe Vera

For centuries, people have been using Aloe Vera as a treatment for thinning hair and baldness. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that Aloe Vera can truly promote hair growth.

It is possible that Aloe Vera’s moisturizing properties help prevent the hair shafts from breaking. Aloe Vera contains the vitamins C, E, B-12, folic acid, and choline which strengthen the follicles and prevent them from breaking.

It’s also likely that Aloe Vera promotes blood circulation which may stimulate the hair follicles. When circulation is improved in the scalp, the hair follicles are able to retain oxygen, vitamins, and minerals from the blood. The more nutrients your hair follicles can extract from your blood, the healthier your hair will be.

It’s also possible that the zinc, copper, and proteolytic enzymes found in Aloe Vera activate scalp cells that were dormant. When more cells on your scalp are active, there will be more hair growth.

Castor Oil

The ricinoleic acid found within castor oil helps to fight inflammation. It is believed that when you apply it to your scalp, that it can prevent hair loss and help your existing hair to grow healthier.

Similar to Aloe Vera, it is believed that castor oil can promote blood flow in the scalp, allowing more nutrients to reach your hair. Also like Aloe, castor oil has moisturizing properties as well as antibacterial and antifungal properties.

However, like Aloe Vera, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that castor oil can help with hair growth.

Castor oil on hair

Aloe Vera & Castor Oil

People use both Aloe Vera and castor oil to keep their hair healthy and promote better growth. It makes sense then that you could combine the two to create an even better hair care solution.

If you use a combination of castor oil and Aloe Vera, it’s very likely that you will see an improvement in your hair. Just remember that their is no scientific evidence that proves Aloe Vera and castor oil can promote hair growth. There is only anecdotal evidence.

However, even if you don’t notice any hair growth, you’re sure to see your existing hair become healthier.

How To Use Castor Oil And Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

There are a few different ways that you can use Aloe Vera and castor oil to help promote hair growth. Here are some of the best recipes:

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You can then add the gel to your scalp. It’s easiest if you part your hair into quarters so that the gel can better penetrate your scalp.

Make sure that your scalp is fully covered in the gel, and massage it into your scalp gently with your fingers. This is a great Aloe Vera gel and castor oil for hair mixture.

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Then, you can spray your entire scalp and massage with your fingers for about 20 minutes.

This method works best if you do it at bedtime and leave the solution in overnight. You can then wash your hair the next morning.

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You will then apply a small amount of this conditioner to your hair during your shower.

Let the conditioner sit in your hair for 2-5 minutes before rinsing it out.

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Although there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that castor oil and Aloe Vera promote hair growth, it is a possibility. Both supplements are rich in vitamins and nutrients that help prevent dandruff, infection, and itchy scalp. They also help hair to look and feel better.

So, even if you don’t experience any new hair growth with your castor oil and Aloe Vera, you’re still likely to see an improvement in your hair’s overall health.

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