Cashew oil is an edible cooking oil made from cashew nuts. It is a potent, nutrient dense, very high quality oil that can have many benefits to your health.

Cashew oil has a light flavor and aroma and works particularly well as a salad dressing, sauteing and more. Cashew oil is a nutrient powerhouse boasting high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, E and D, copper, selenium, iron, protein, zinc and more.

Cashew oil is thought to be healthier than other types of cooking oils and is considered a very high quality oil. This type of oil is pricey and sometimes tricky to find.

All About Using Cashew Oil For Cooking

It will cost you quite a bit more than traditional cooking oils due to the labor intensive and meticulous job of producing the oil. The result, however, is a very high quality, lightly flavored and aromatic cooking oil, packed full of nutrients to help your heart, bones, skin, hair, cholesterol and more.

In this guide, i’ll walk you through all you’ll need to know about cashew oil for cooking including the benefits of using it and exactly how to start.

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What Is Cashew Oil?

Cashew oil is an edible cooking oil made from precious cashew nuts. It can be used as a very high quality cooking oil or a topical oil for the skin and hair. It is full of potent nutrients and subtle richness.

Cashew nuts originate in Northeastern Brazil, and have since been grown in India, Asia and Africa. The cashew tree grows the delicious cashew apple and at the tip of each cashew apple is where the cashew nut is found. Encased in a toxic shell, a member of the poison ivy family, it is an arduous process of picking the cashew apples, shelling the cashews and preparing them for safe consumption.

To make cashew oil much of the process is completed by hand. The cashew apple is first picked from the cashew tree, the cashew shell (which is toxic) is left to dry, making the shell easier to crack open. The cashew ‘seed’ or nut is then removed and generally the cashews which have cracked make it to the machinery used to press them, releasing their oils.

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If you are having trouble finding cashew oil for cooking where you live, you can always make some at home. Blend some cashews in a blender or food processor until smooth.

Grab a jar and store your cashew butter in there for a few weeks. The oils and solids will have completely separated leaving you with 1/3 the jar of cashew oil. With the added bonus of it being completely pure with no additives.

Cashew oil for cooking
Cashew oil for cooking

Can Cashew Oil Be Used For Cooking?

Cashew oil isn’t a common cooking oil you see being used. However, it most certainly can be used for cooking, and it will provide a ton of nutrients as well as a light yet distinctive aroma, flavor and richness.

Cashew oil is wonderful when paired with salads, fish, curries, dips, and so much more. The only true downside of using cashew oil for cooking is the cost.

Is Cashew Oil Healthy?

Cashew oil is definitely a healthy oil. It is packed full of unsaturated fatty acids, specifically oleic and linoleic acids, known to improve the health your skin, hair and more. It contains protein, iron, zinc, vitamins A, D, E and copper, selenium and more.

The nutrients found in cashew oil can reduce cholesterol, manage blood sugar and bone health, improve heart and brain health, improve the look and appearance of hair and skin and help heal skin infections and inflammation.

In cultures where the cashew tree has been around for many hundreds of years, the people believe the cashew oil to be the best oil for health and cooking.

Cashew oil doesn’t have the highest smoke point (302 F) (150 c) however, it adds richness and a beautifully distinctive yet subtle flavor to dishes.

Benefits Of Using Cashew Oil In Cooking

Here are some of the benefits of using cashew oil in cooking…

Adds Flavor And Richness

Cashew oil is a delicate and high quality oil that doesn’t have the highest smoking point. It is best used for drizzling, sauteing, dipping and more.

It adds a distinctive richness while also being subtle. A great ingredient to dip sourdough or drizzle over a salad.

Long Shelf Life

Cashew oil has a long shelf life. This is thanks to its high unsaturated fat content. The specific types of fats found in cashew butter give it a more shelf stable oil than others available.

Nutrient Powerhouse

Cashew oil is packed full of nutrients, from unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, protein and more.

It is good for your heart health, bone health, cholesterol, sugar management and more. Just make sure to eat it in moderation.

How To Use Cashew Oil For Cooking

Here are some ways you can use cashew oil for cooking…


Although cashew oil has a low smoke point, sauteing fish with cashew oil is apparently a great combination that enhances the taste of the fish.


Cashew oil is a great addition to dips or a base for a great dip. It is mild in flavor yet offers a distinctive richness. Try drizzling cashew oil over hummus, or dipping sourdough straight into some cashew oil.


Cashew oil makes a fantastic drizzle over a fresh salad. It is light and subtle and offers a powerhouse of nutrients to your salad.

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Cashew oil is a very high quality cooking oil that is nutrient dense, has a long shelf life and is simply delicious. You can eat it or apply it topically to your skin and hair.

Cashew oil is quite expensive when using it for cooking. However, if you are using it as a drizzle over salads or in dips, a little will usually go a long way.

Cooking with cashew oil is a great way to ensure you are getting a great dose of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and will provide you with a distinctive flavored oil like no other.

You can purchase cashew oil here or try making it yourself at home.

There aren’t a heap of recipes online for cashew oil, so why not start experimenting with it yourself?

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