Have you ever thought about trying an avocado oil hair mask? Maybe you’ve heard of people cooking with avocado oil and the health benefits it provides. But, you can use avocado oil in your hair as well.

That’s right, avocado oil is super moisturizing and nourishing. After a few uses, you’ll likely notice that your hair is becoming softer, stronger, and healthier.

avocado hair mask

Not only that, but avocado can help with your scalp too. Many people that struggle with their hair have issues with their scalp too. If you have dry skin, avocado oil can also bring you relief.

Keep reading to find out how an avocado oil hair mask can improve your hair health and why you might just want to add it to your beauty regime!

What Is Avocado Oil?

avocado oil

Avocado oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the flesh of the avocado fruit. Avocado trees grow across Mexico. They have been popular in cooking and health care for centuries.

Most vegetable oils come from pressing the seed of the fruit, but avocado oil is different. Avocados are the perfect fruit for creating oil because they consist of about 63% fat. Their high-fat content makes them perfect for creating oil, and it’s very easy to extract the oil.

Avocado flesh goes through cold-pressing to extract the oil. As the name suggests, this process of pressing the fruit does not use heat and is quite gentle. The resulting liquid is then spun to separate the water from the liquid.

This creates unrefined avocado oil which is incredibly healthy for you. It contains all the vitamins and nutrients present in the avocado before the extraction of the oil.

Sometimes, avocado oil will go through further processing to remove impurities. Further processing often exposes the oil to high heat or harsh chemicals. Although this method removes all the purities, it also removes most of the nutrients from the oil as well.

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Is Avocado Oil Good For Hair?

Avocado oil is wonderful for your hair for many of the same reasons that it’s great for your skin. The oil is very moisturizing. It penetrates the strands of your hair to thoroughly hydrate them.

It also protects your hair from outside damage such as sun exposure and heat.

Best yet, it can make your hair look shinier and more beautiful.

Our skin naturally creates an oil called sebum. Sebum acts as a natural lubricant to help our skin and hair stay moisturized. However sometimes our bodies don’t produce enough sebum, or it produces an uneven balance of the oils. When this happens, it can lead to overly oily or dry skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Avocado Oil For Hair Treatment?

avocado oil for scalp

Okay, so avocado oil is good for your hair, but exactly why is it good? What does it do to the hair to make it healthier and more beautiful?

Avocado Oil Contains Healthy Fatty Acids & Antioxidants

The main reason that avocado oil is so good for the hair is that it’s rich in fatty acids and antioxidants.

Antioxidants in avocado oil include vitamin E, beta-carotene, and lutein. The antioxidants fight off damaging free radicals. Free radicals include dirt, chemicals, and UV sun exposure. It can even protect your hair from heat exposure if you like to style your hair a lot.

The fatty acids help to heal and protect the strands of your hair. They promote the healing of damaged cells. It also promotes the production of new cells to replace the old, damaged ones. This can leave you with hair that is stronger and healthier.

Avocado oil also contains polyphenols. They assist in protecting the hair and scalp from outside stressors.

Keep in mind that if your hair has suffered severe damage that avocado oil is not a miracle substance. It’s going to take a long time to repair severely damaged hair. Still, you can see some noticeable improvement with avocado oil. Plus, the oil can protect your hair from any further damage.

Avocado Oil Is Moisturizing & Strengthening

Avocado oil contains antioxidants like vitamins A, B-5, and E. It also contains biotin and minerals for stronger hair. A biotin deficiency can lead to hair thinning. That extra boost of biotin in avocado oil can work wonders.

All these minerals and nutrients work together to seal the cuticle of the hair. This locks in the healing moisture of the oil to grow healthier hair. It also prevents further breakage.

Avocado Oil May Encourage Hair Growth

There is no research available to directly link avocado oil use with hair growth. Still, it’s likely that avocado oil provides the optimal environment for better hair growth.

A biotin deficiency can cause hair thinning. So, extra biotin can also help hair grow thicker and stronger.

Avocado Oil Makes Your Hair Look Nicer

Avocado oil contains minerals like potassium and magnesium. They seal the cells of your hair’s cuticles. When the cuticles seal, your hair stays hydrated for longer since it loses less moisture. Well-nourished and moisturized hair naturally becomes smoother and shinier.

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Avocado Oil Is Moisturizing

Another reason avocado oil is so popular is the way it moisturizes the hair. I mentioned that avocado oil seals the cuticles to prevent moisture loss. Well, when your hair loses less moisture, it’s going to be more moisturized.

Plus, avocado oil is able to penetrate the strands of your hair easily. You already know that avocado oil contains plenty of fatty acids. But, there are different kinds of fats. Monounsaturated fats penetrate the hair more easily than polyunsaturated fats. Luckily, avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fats. So, it penetrates the hair and skin easily.

The oil is thick enough to sink deep within the layers of the hair for proper moisturization. It’s not thick enough, though, to make your hair look greasy.

Avocado oil is much better than some other oils in this regard. Many kinds of oil don’t penetrate the hair. Rather, they just sit on the surface of the hair.

Avocado oil is so gentle and moisturizing that you can even use it to detangle your hair. We all know how frustrating tangled hair can be, especially if you have thicker hair. Using brushes and combs to detangle your hair can cause further damage. Instead, try applying some avocado oil to your fingers and run them gently through your hair. This should detangle your hair without damage.

Avocado Oil Heals The Scalp

Avocado oil doesn’t just help your hair, it can help your scalp, too. When your scalp is healthier, it’ll naturally lead to healthier, more beautiful hair.

As you know, avocado oil is a host of beneficial vitamins and nutrients that nourishes the hair. Well, those same elements can nourish your dry, damaged scalp as well.

In fact, avocado oil works exceptionally well for dry, irritated skin. Many of those with eczema and psoriasis use avocado oil as a moisturizer. In the same way, avocado oil can heal your scalp if you deal with dry skin or dandruff.

Avocado oil helps heal the scalp by increasing circulation to the scalp. By increasing the amount of blood to the scalp, your damaged skin cells receive more nutrients. The extra blood can even help to unclog blocked hair follicles.

Read more about using avocado oil for your scalp here.

Exactly How To Make An Avocado Oil Hair Mask

Rather than buying a hair mask, you can try making your own hair mask. It can be a lot of fun, and it gives you full control over what’s going into your hair mask.

An avocado-olive oil hair mask will make your hair glow. The protein from the egg also helps to strengthen your hair. It can prevent split ends and even damage from heat.

If you don’t know how to make a hair mask, you don’t need to worry. I’ve included some amazing recipes below. To make these recipes, simply mix all the ingredients until you have a smooth mixture. Then, it’ll be ready to put on your hair!

[mv_create key=”131″ type=”recipe” title=”Avocado And Olive Oil Hair Mask With Egg” thumbnail=”https://eatquickhealthy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/avocado-hair-mask.png”]

An avocado-coconut oil hair mask is another good option for your hair. It will strengthen your hair. People who use this combination may begin to experience fuller hair growth.

[mv_create key=”132″ type=”recipe” title=”Avocado And Coconut Oil Hair Mask” thumbnail=”https://eatquickhealthy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/hair-mask.png”]

If you struggle with dandruff or itchy scalp, you should try this aloe and avocado oil hair mask. Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties. It can soothe the itching and irritation of your scalp. It’s also rich in vitamins to complement the vitamins already found in avocado oil.

[mv_create key=”133″ type=”recipe” title=”Aloe Vera & Avocado Oil Hair Mask” thumbnail=”https://eatquickhealthy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Aloe-Jojoba-Shampoo.png”]

How To Use Your Hair Mask With Avocado Oil

hair mask

Using a hair mask is nice when you have a little extra time to sit back and relax. You should massage the mask into your scalp and your hair until your hair is completely covered.

Then, place a shower cap over your head. This will keep all the moisture in so that the mask can really soak into your hair and scalp. Leave the shower cap on for about 60 minutes, then rinse out the mask with water.

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If you want hydrated, stronger, shinier hair, you should consider using an avocado oil hair mask. Avocado oil is nourishing for both your hair and scalp. The mask will strengthen your hair. It will also provide the right environment for optimal growth.

Not only that, your hair will look nicer! With more hydrated hair, your hair will look shinier and will be less likely to get frizzy. It will even be softer to the touch.

So, what are you waiting for? Give one of the above recipes a try!

Discover more great ways to use avocado oil for your scalp, eyelashes and for treating hair loss. Find all our guides to using avocados for your DIY beauty recipes here.