Have knotty hair? Have a kid with long hair that constantly seems to have huge knots?

I hear you. While I have vague memories of pain and tears as my mom tried to brush my hair as a kid, as an adult my hair just seems to stay straight so I hadn’t thought about detangling spray in a long time.

Then, enter my daughter. With long, wavy, somewhat crazy hair, her hair is in constant massive knots. It’s actually getting even worse as she gets older as she’ll not brush it for days as she hates the pain and then it all becomes one huge knot.

Really. Not. Pretty.

How To Make DIY Detangler Spray For Kids

After many tears, much frustration, and a few threats that I was going to shave it all off, a friend suggested we make our own hair detangler spray recipe. So we did!

While there are store-bought options (like this), we try to go all-natural and chemical-free for everything we can so I jumped straight into finding the perfect answer to how to make detangling spray at home. We tried a few different options until I got the ingredients just right to stop the tears, get out of the knots, and have a more pleasant life!

I also made it smell nice and easy to apply so now she does it every morning, even if there aren’t many knots yet, as a way to prevent the big disasters from happening.

Why Make DIY Detangler Spray

While you can buy detangling spray, it’s likely to contain many chemicals which won’t be good for your hair. When it’s so easy to make your own detangler spray so it’s all natural and perfect for your hair, why wouldn’t you?!

The great thing about this recipe is the ingredients are easy and you may already have them at home. If not, you can get it from the supermarket so there’s nothing specialty and it’ll cost you basically nothing.

how to make a detangling spray
Who doesn’t want to get rid of this?

I highly recommend if you have kids with long hair (or you have a problem with knots yourself) that you always have some detangler spray on hand and use it daily to keep all knots at bay.

Give this DIY natural hair detangler spray a go!

How To Make Homemade Detangler Spray

First of all, pick which recipe you prefer from the two options below. The first one is my top pick for being both better at being a homemade detangling spray for curly hair and straight hair as well as being all-natural.

The second is a good pick if you want something quick and easy with items you are sure to have.

Once you decide, get all the ingredients ready and a spray bottle so you can easily apply the spray then keep reading to learn how to make detangler spray at home.

spray bottles
These spray bottles work great for this spray if you are making them as gifts

If you don’t have any spray bottles, you can buy this reusable spray bottle from Amazon. Either option will make you about a cup of spray.

Both recipes include water. It is best to use distilled water as it is possible bacteria can grow in tap water. However, I have not had any problems using tap water. As long as you use the spray straight away, it is unlikely it’ll be an issue.

[mv_create key=”4″ type=”recipe” title=”Option 1: All Natural Hair Detangler Spray Recipe” thumbnail=”//eatquickhealthy.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/IMG_0587.jpg”]

pouring water into the diy detangling spray
Getting ready to add the water to the detangling spray

[mv_create key=”5″ type=”recipe” title=”Option 2: Super Quick And Easy Detangling Spray Recipe” thumbnail=”//eatquickhealthy.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/bigstock-Unrecognizable-Woman-Styling-H-424373978.jpg”]

You could also use cold water – the heat just helps it combine with the conditioner more easily.

diy detangling spray
Option 1 freshly made

More About The Ingredients

Wondering what exactly the purpose is of each item in this DIY detangler spray for curly hair and knotty hair? Want some tips in case this solution isn’t quite right for your hair? Keep reading.

If you don’t care, keep scrolling to the next section on how to use your new spray.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This ingredient is great for flattening the hair so it’s much easier to brush. It’s also great at reducing frizzy hair and is a natural conditioner so you won’t want to skip this ingredient!

If you have thick, curly hair and are finding the recipe above works but doesn’t get rid of all knots easily, add a bit more apple cider vinegar to the mixture and this should help.

Click here to buy apple cider vinegar.

apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar works great in this detangling spray

Olive Oil

Olive oil helps add strength and shine to hair and is especially good for dry and damaged hair. When it comes to knots, olive oil is great at helping detangle hair while softening it.

Click here to buy olive oil.


Conditioner is great for working out knots when you are in the shower and it’ll do the same in your detangling spray. Exactly how much conditioner to add really depends on how knotty your hair is and your hair type. Thick, curly hair may need more conditioner than stated above.

Any brand of conditioner is fine.

lemon and lavender essential oil
Lemon and lavender essential oil – our favorite combination for this spray

Essential Oils

While you can pick any essential oils that you love, I especially recommend lavender. Lavender not only smells great but also helps to soften and condition hair.

We also add some lemon oil as we like the fresh smell, and it’s also good for oily hair.

I also personally like peppermint oil which is good for balancing oils on the scalp and helping hair growth. However, my kids aren’t fans as they think it smells like toothpaste 🙂

Click here to buy essential oils.

How To Use DIY Detangling Spray

Now you have made your detangling spray, it’s time to use it!

This part is simple.

Give the bottle a shake and then spray it on wet or dry hair before brushing or combing. Spray right into any knots.

Start working the knots out at the bottom, slowly working your way to the roots of the hair.

how to make your own detangling spray

For big knots, spray directly on the knot and massage it into your hair with your fingers. Then use your fingers to start detangling before using your comb or brush.

If you need to dry your hair using a dryer, it can be good to spray it before drying and then a little more once dry before styling.

It will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth and, most importantly, tangle-free! It will also leave a great smell depending on the essential oils you pick.

a bath of diy detangling spray bottles
Making a batch for my daughter’s friends


If you’ve ever dealt with knotty hair you know what a nightmare it can be. It really doesn’t have to be! Just follow the directions above for how to make your own hair detangler spray – it’s only a matter of placing a few ingredients into a spray bottle and shaking it.

You can then spray this into your hair or your kids’ hair before brushing for a much more pleasant hair styling experience that won’t just stop painful knots but also will leave you with healthy, great-smelling, soft hair. A win all around!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on how to make detangling hair spray. Click here for more DIY hair and skin beauty recipes that are quick and easy and all-natural. You can also read my great bath bomb recipe for kids here and my lip balm recipe here (I promise it’s easy and awesome!)


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