Hello foodies! Are you looking for healthy recipes for the summer? Are you worried about carbs interrupting your way to getting the perfect summer body? Well, you are in the right place! This scrumptious zucchini recipe is the perfect combo of a meal that satisfies your soul and your stomach.

Now, some of you may be skeptical about zucchini noodles, but they are the real deal. They are low in carbs and calories, and since they are just (delicious) vegetables, they are also gluten-free. Let’s get started by looking at what exactly this fruit called zucchini is and how to consume it in the most delicious way!

What is Zucchini?

Is it a plant or a fruit, or a squash? One might know this vegetable by its more popular name, Courgette. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae plant family and is classified as a vining herbaceous plant whose fruit is harvested when mature.

This summer squash is usually harvested before it reaches full maturity and hence is often considered a young fruit. Its color varies from sunny yellow to dark emerald green. The inside is mostly a pale shade of white with a hint of green. Because of its mild and sweet taste, it is easily adaptable. It can be stuffed into brownies, pasta, and more! This subtle-tasting fruit absorbs the flavors of whatever spices, vegetables, and creams it’s cooked with. Its versatility and adaptability are one of its few appeals, apart from its wonderous health benefits and, of course, its taste.

Benefits of Consuming Zucchini

Naturally low in fat, sugar, and carbs, Zucchinis are packed with multiple antioxidants, including lutein and zeaxanthin. It is also high in fiber, which helps maintain regular bowel movements. It supports the stability of blood sugar and, overall, enhances gut health. Pregnant women can especially benefit from consuming this superfood because of its high folate and zinc content.

When cooking zucchini, don’t peel off the skin! You can bring a glow to your skin and reduce the risk of heart disease by consuming its nutrient-rich skin! Let’s take a look at how to cook this fruit in the best way possible!

Guilt-Free Zucchini Noodles: Say Goodbye to Carbs!

Who doesn’t love pasta nights for dinner? They are usually cheesy and heavy, and loaded with carbs. While they taste delicious, they can interrupt your good night’s sleep. Consuming pasta loaded with fat can also cause unwanted heart burns and acid reflux. But just because you have decided to give up wheat-based spaghetti doesn’t mean you have to give up pasta altogether!

What if there was a way to make this delicious recipe in a healthier way that (almost) tastes like the real deal? Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, “zoodles” – zucchini noodles are the most brilliant noodle base for various healthy gluten-free recipes. To get started, all you need are the following:


2 medium zucchini

3 cloves of garlic

1 tbsp. olive oil

2 tbsp parmesan

Salt and pepper to taste

Chilli flakes (optional)

Basil (optional)- to sprinkle on top

Chopped Almonds- to garnish on top


Before you begin, the first (and most important) step is to get the right shape for the zucchinis. For this, you can use the following gadgets, whichever one is available at your disposal. After all, eating the long spiral shape of spaghetti is the best part!

  • A Spiralizer: this can be found at your local grocery store or on online shopping sites. It is fast and clean.
  • A Julienne Peeler: You can get thick fat slices that resemble pasta
  • A Mandoline: You can save time and energy using the sharp blades of this device. But please be careful when peeling!
  • Kitchen aid/Handheld spiralizer: These also save time and effort, but the second gadget is a bit of an arm workout since you have to spiral the peels yourself.

Now that our zoodles are ready let’s see how we can make them taste oh-so-delicious.

  1. Heat your non-stick pan and add a tablespoon of olive oil. Add the garlic shallots and sauté for 30 seconds.
  2. Add the zucchini noodles to this and toss them around for just a minute until a little bit of the water evaporates.
  3. Sprinkle parmesan, chilli flakes, and salt and pepper for that extra kick.

Thus, this keto-friendly low-calories only takes around 5-10 minutes to cook. You can also make these in fun shapes but let’s be honest; zoodles are the way to go. Add a dollop of peanut butter for that extra protein, and garnish with almonds or basil for a fun final touch!

Tips and Tricks for Cooking these Yummy Zoodles

You can always customize the recipe by adding more vegetables of your choice. Ranging from onions to carrots, you can make the recipe even healthier. If you are looking for a creamier recipe, you can also make a creamy vegan cheese base using almond milk or even use dairy if you are only looking to cut out carbs.

Always remember not to overcook this recipe. Since zucchini is made of 95% water, you may end up with mushy, soggy, messy water noodles even if you cook for just a minute longer! But worry not! Just set a timer and heat the zucchini instead of ‘cooking’ it fully. You can also bake or steam the noodles for a better texture.


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