There is a lot of debate about which diet is the most beneficial for your health. On one side we have (some) vegans who claim that animal products are the sole cause of disease and inflammation. On the other side, we have (again, some) paleos that claim to have healed chronic conditions such a diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol with a paleo diet alone.

It’s clear the weight loss isn’t the only motivation to eat a healthy diet, but which one should you choose? It can be difficult to decide with so much information available.

This article wont tell you which diet you should choose. For that, we recommend speaking to a nutritionist. We will simple go over what each diet actually is and what you need to do to try it out.

Vegan Vs Paleo

Vegan diet

The vegan diet is a diet that is free of all animal products. That means all types of meat (red, white and fish), dairy products and other animal derived products are off the menu.

There is a big emphasis on vegetables, grains and legumes in the vegan diet and these generally makeup the majority of a vegans food intake. However, it’s important you could potentially eat potato crisps and biscuits and still be considered vegan so long as there are no animal products in what you’re eating. Vegan doesn’t necessarily translate to healthy.

A vegan diet also saves animals lives and helps improve the lives of dairy cows and other animals. However, not all vegans are activists and not all activists are vegan.

Paleo diet

The paleo diet is basically an entire 180 of the vegan diet. It has a heavy focus on eating meat and other animal based foods like bone broths and lard.

It is meant to mimic the way humans ate in the paleolithic era as the theory goes that this is the way we have evolved to eat. Thus, if you eat a paleo diet, your diet will have the optimum nutritional needs for your body.

This diet does not include grains or dairy as these have only been included in the human diet for about the last 10 thousand years.

This diet also encourages intermittent fasting.

Which diet should I choose?

The diet you choose will depend on your own nutritional needs, beliefs and values. As stated above, talk to a qualified doctor or nutritionist before making any decision.

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