Are there really people out there that don’t like peanut butter? I love it. I still eat it with a spoon when no one’s looking.

Peanut butter cups were my favorite candy growing up. There is something about the combination of chocolate and peanut butter that is just so good. As an adult I still crave them. However, I do not crave their junk additives and ingredients. I’m (somewhat) smarter than that.

That’s why I was so happy when I came across this homemade vegan peanut butter cups recipe. Not only does it produce healthy peanut butter cups, but they are also vegan and keto friendly. There’s really no reason not to try them!

Best Peanut Butter Cups Recipe

Healthy Peanut Butter Cups

I think this is the best keto peanut butter cups recipe for people looking for healthy options because it ticks all the boxes plus tastes so good.

These healthier peanut butter cups have all the beneficial fats of coconut oil, the protein of natural peanuts but no refined sugar or junk.

The coconut oil really is the trick in giving these peanut butter cups their solid texture. I love coconut oil, you can read how many ways I use it here.

While I’m not strictly vegan right now, I do try to eat vegan as much as possible and these vegan peanut butter chocolate cups definitely make that easy.

All of this allows you to trick yourself into thinking they are incredibly healthy and you can eat as many as you want. Whilst it might be wise not to over indulge, they are definitely not a bad treat to indulge in every now and then and way WAY more satisfying than store bought ones.

Plus, they are so full of beneficial fats/protein that they will keep you full for ages, so 1-2 definitely does suffice. You also won’t experience that blood sugar crash that you would have come to recognize with commercial peanut butter cups.

For a healthy and delicious treat, make sure you try these!

How To Make Homemade Peanut Butter Cups Healthy

It’s really easy to make these all natural peanut butter cups. Simply take the ingredients out of the pantry mentioned below as well as two bowls. Now, you’re ready to start!

The only slightly tricky thing is that there are two layers to these keto chocolate peanut butter cups so you need to make sure you keep them separate while making them and then put them into the cupcake liners separately, one at a time.

But all it takes to make each layer is to add a few ingredients to the bowl and mix. You will need to melt the coconut oil first though.

In the keto peanut butter cups recipes below, I mention melting the coconut oil over a boiling hot water bath on the stove but you could also use a microwave.

There is no baking involved, and once they are done, you simply wait for them to set before eating.

Ingredients In These Healthy Vegan Peanut Butter Cups Recipes

The ingredients can all be found in health food stores or on Amazon.

You can also easily make these as organic peanut butter cups just by using organic versions of each of these ingredients.

Peanut Butter

Naturally, peanut butter is a primary ingredient in these healthiest peanut butter cups. It’s what adds all the peanut goodness! I highly recommend you use a natural peanut butter with no additives to keep these peanut butter cups as healthy as possible.

If you would prefer, you could switch this to another nut butter like cashew butter or almond butter.

You can read our peanut butter vs sunflower seed butter comparison here.

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Coconut Oil

The coconut oil gives these paleo peanut butter cups their great texture so I don’t recommend switching it out. It’s full of healthy fats your body will be thankful for.

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Maple Syrup

The maple syrup adds the right level of natural sweetness to these vegan chocolate peanut butter cups. You could substitute it for honey, though, if you prefer.

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Cacao Powder

Cacao powder is a healthy way to put the chocolate into these healthy chocolate peanut butter cups.

To keep this recipe as healthy as possible, I recommend you buy cacao powder without any additives and sweeteners.

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Vanilla is used to flavor one of the peanut butter cup layers. It matches perfectly with everything else for the best taste experience!

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Now you have your ingredients, let’s learn exactly how to make healthy peanut butter cups.

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How To Store These Keto Friendly Peanut Butter Cups

They are best stored in the fridge if you will be eating them as soon as you take them out.

If you wish to take them to work with you, on a picnic or somewhere else, I recommend you keep your peanut butter cups in the freezer.

This is because coconut oil is a primary ingredient and it is possible for it to melt on warmer days. If you freeze it before taking it out with you, it’ll stay in great condition a little longer.

In the freezer, peanut butter cups will also last longer and you can expect them to still taste great after a few months.

Final Words

I hope you found this guide to making healthy peanut butter cups useful. They are a delicious little flavor bomb which doesn’t have to be bad for your body.

You can find many more things to do with peanut related products in all our guides and recipes here. You can also read about the difference between peanut butter and peanut butter powder here, peanut butter and peanut butter spread here or all the best peanut butter for protein here.



    • Cara Davis

      I think they are much nicer and obviously they are better for you.

      • Nathan Hughes

        I genuinely agree that these taste better than the ones found at the store.

        In regards to how they compare, I don’t think we will ever get the texture right but adding a little coconut flour definitely helps!

        If you do try them out, let me know how what you think. I guarantee you will be impressed 🙂