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Your Health Comes First!

In every day’s busy routine, eating healthy becomes a chore especially when it’s hard finding quick and fun recipes in one place. And that is why Eat Quick Healthy is at your service!

Eat Quick Healthy is the sister website of Elpasony.com to make your life better with healthy and effective recipes, and DIY beauty products.

Each of our recipes utilizes natural foods and ingredients that are budget-friendly and readily available. Our team of food experts, health professionals, and DIY enthusiasts then work to bring tried and tested recipes, DIY products, and researched food hacks to help improve the quality of your life.


Our mission is to motivate and inspire individuals to take care of their health by providing simple and effective recipes for hair and skin health, and physical fitness.


Our vision is to influence and inculcate healthy eating and living habits in individuals, allowing them to live happier and stress-free-life by using our quick, fun, and family-friendly recipes.

Healthy eating ingredients

Clean Eating – Happier Living!

Switching to eating clean when you’ve eaten junk most of your life can be challenging. You’ll find yourself craving oily and fatty foods. But once you try recipes with clean ingredients, you’ll notice a clear difference in your body. Your energy levels will rise. You will get glowy skin and feel more positive.

At Eat Quick Healthy, we make the most of natural, edible food products to produce delicious recipes for you and your family. When you come home after a long day at work, you can simply scroll through our yummy recipes to make a finger-licking treat for your family!

DIY beauty products ingredients

DIY Healthy Goods – Look Better, Feel Better!

Most beauty products available in the market are made from natural ingredients but are so expensive and chemically produced. What if you could create your own skin and beauty products with easily-available products?

Our team collaborates with highly experienced skin and beauty DIY creators. We bring you easy-to-make recipes for your hair growth, healthier skin, and more. Currently, we have several products such as hair masks, oils, and sugar scrubs made from essential oils, nuts, and natural sugars including almonds, coconut, and shea butter. Our products have been highly appreciated and we invite you to try them as well!

Try our fun, innovative, and easy recipes at home with your family members. Use it as a bonding activity with lasting results on your health.

We look forward to seeing you become a part of our quest to make natural living the norm! So let’s return to nature with Eat Quick Healthy!

Your naturally healthy, delicious and fresh future of healthy eating awaits you!

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