Peanut butter has held the title of favorite nut butter for decades, although in recent years cashew butter has been giving peanut butter a run for its money.

Peanut butter and cashew butter are both equally delicious and decedent and are loved by many consumers worldwide. These delicious spreads are nutrient rich, super versatile ingredients and cater to a range of restrictive diets, and both offer a rich and creamy texture.

For me to say one is better than the other is quite difficult. Lets take a look at the facts and what their differences are.

In this guide, I’ll take you through all you need to know about cashew butter vs peanut butter, who will be the winner?

Cashew Butter Vs Peanut Butter

What Is Cashew Butter?

Cashew butter is a spread that is made using either roasted or baked cashew nuts. The cashew nuts are simply ground into a creamy paste in a blender or food processor and sugar or salt may be added. If you are making your own you may of course add anything you like; honey, spices, etc.

Cashew butter has a rich and distinct flavor. However it is not overbearing and thus makes a great thickener for soups and desserts while adding a heap of nutrients.

When the cashew butter has been stored the solid will separate from the oils, but this is totally fine and can be fixed with a little stir.

Your smooth and creamy cashew butter is then ready to be enjoyed in many different recipes, on toast or straight from the jar!

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cashew butter
Cashew butter

What Is Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is a distinctively flavorful spread that is made by using unsalted roasted peanuts. The peanuts are pulsed into a smooth or crunchy paste with oil, salt and sugar commonly added.

If you are making Peanut butter at home, you can simply pulse dry roasted peanuts in a blender or food processor until it becomes a smooth and creamy paste. You do not need to add extra oils or sugars although a hint of salt is always nice.

Alternatively, you can purchase a peanut butter that is marketed with zero additives to know you are experiencing the best tasting peanut butter.

Peanut butter is then stored in a jar and the oils can separate from the solids. This is also totally normal and can be fixed with a quick stir.

Peanut butter has a very distinctive taste, more intense than cashew butter. Many people love the distinctive flavor that only peanut butter brings but there are many people who also do not enjoy the flavor.

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Cashew Butter Vs Peanut Butter

Cashew Butter Vs Peanut Butter: Nutrition

Peanut Butter and cashew butter share similar nutritional values across the board. Peanut butter has a bit more protein and fiber than cashew butter and slightly less carbs.

Cashew butter has slightly less calories than peanut butter but contains a huge 41.3mg of magnesium per tablespoon with peanut butter containing 24.6mg of magnesium per tablespoon.

Peanut Butter per 2 Tablespoon


Cashew Butter per 2 Tablespoon


Cashew Vs Peanut Butter: Uses

Peanut butter and cashew butter are both super versatile ingredients to have in the kitchen. When people think of peanut or cashew butter they usually think of a spread for toast. These butters can be used for a variety of dishes including sauces, frostings, baking and more.

Peanut butter has a very distinctive rich flavor and when added to dishes and it can create a delicious richness and thickness. However, its distinctive flavor can also overbear other flavors.

Cashew butter, on the other hand, can be used for a variety of purposes, from thickening soups and smoothies, to dips and cheesecakes. It is a super versatile ingredient to have in the kitchen because it doesn’t overbear other flavors, instead it provides a lovely richness, thickness and fullness of flavor.

peanut butter
Peanut butter

Peanut Butter Vs Cashew Butter: Taste

Peanut butter and cashew butter share similar taste qualities in terms of texture and richness. However, each nut butter has their own flavor that will play a large role in deciding your favorite.

Peanut butter has its very own distinct flavor. It is nutty, earthy, slightly salty and sweet. It has a texture that coats your palate and entices you to drink a large glass of water following. Peanut butter is a great addition to curries, sauces, baking and smoothies. It adds a bold richness of flavor and texture.

Cashew butter is less flavorful than peanut butter and though it has a distinct flavor of cashews, it is not an overpowering flavor. It tastes nutty, mild, creamy and slightly sweet. If you are a fan of simple flavors, cashew butter may be a winner for you.

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Peanut Butter Vs Cashew Butter: Allergies

Peanut butter and cashew butter share one thing in common, many children and adults are allergic to them and there are more people with nut allergies these days than ever.

The allergies peanut and cashew butter bring on in people allergic to them can be life threatening and require immediate medical treatment. It is therefore very important to be aware if anyone at your child’s school or your workplace has known allergies to peanuts or cashews.

If a person is allergic to peanuts it is quite common that they will also be allergic to cashews. If you are concerned about peanut or cashew allergies you can speak with your physician.

Peanut Butter Vs Cashew Butter: Price

Peanut butter and cashew butter do vary a bit in price and that can play a big role for a lot of people in choosing their favorite.

Cashew butter is more expensive than peanut butter. Cashews are only grown in certain areas around the world. Cashews are labor intense to prepare to edible quality and require their tough outer shell to be removed as they are hazardous to health.

Peanut butter is the more affordable option, however cheaper brands of peanut butter are often filled with unwanted additives, so be sure to purchase a jar that is pure peanuts. It is usually more expensive to purchase pure peanut butter rather than the cheap substitutes, but it is worth it for the nutritional benefits.

Can You Substitute Cashew Butter For Peanut Butter?

Cashew butter can certainly be substituted for peanut butter in most cases. They both offer a similar richness, thickness and fullness in flavor and texture.

Peanut butter is going to provide a more intense flavor than cashew butter but it provides a milder flavor when compared with other nut butters such as sunflower.

Peanut butter will provide the same texture in sauces, smoothies and baking. However in dishes like dips, soups and cheesecakes, I think it is best to wait for some cashew butter.

Conclusion: Cashew Butter Or Peanut Butter – Which Is Best?

It is hard to pick a clear winner between cashew butter and peanut butter.

Both cashew and peanut butters offer a nutrient dense, versatile snack that can be eaten in a number of restrictive diets. Both are deliciously thick and creamy.

The winner will greatly depend of what your needs are.

Peanut butter offers slightly more nutritional benefits, where cashew butter offers a more versatile and diverse ingredient to have in your kitchen overall.

Cashew butter is more expensive than peanut butter, but the cheap price of peanut butter may be reflected in its many additives.

The ball is in your court!

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