Essential oils contain many benefits for your health. You can use them on your skin and your hair. They’re a nice natural option to give your health a little boost.

But, essential oils are very potent and it’s not safe to use most essential oils by themselves. Besides, essential oils are expensive, and you’d have to use a lot to cover your skin.

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So, you need a good carrier oil to combine with your essential oils. Are you looking for a carrier oil? Great!

In this article I’ll discuss why Avocado oil has a lot of wonderful benefits that make it the ideal carrier oil.

What Is Avocado Oil?

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Avocado oil is an oil that comes from cold-pressing the flesh of the avocado fruit. The avocado fruit comes from the avocado tree which is native to Mexico. Avocado fruits are perfect for extracting oils. This is because their flesh consists of about 63% fat.

People have been using avocado oil for centuries. It is one of the healthiest cooking oils, and it adds a rich, nutty flavor to the food.

Avocado oil is also used on the skin and hair as a moisturizer. It penetrates the skin well to lock in moisture. It is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help the skin and hair to become healthier.

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What Is A Carrier Oil?

Essential oils are great for boosting your health naturally. Some can relieve pain, some help with your mental state, and others can boost your immune system. Besides that, most of them smell good!

But, essential oils come in small bottles and you’re only supposed to use a few drops at a time. Why is this? Essential oils are incredibly potent! Using essential oils by themselves can cause irritation and even pain and burns on your skin.

This is where carrier oils come in.

Carrier Oils Dilute Essential Oils

Carrier oils dilute the essential oils. They don’t lessen the effectiveness of the oil, they simply make them less irritating to the skin.

It’s recommended that essential oils only make up 2.5 – 10% of a total mixture. Carrier oils should make up the rest.

The ratio should be less than this if you’re using essential oils on your face, such as in a moisturizer. For those with normal skin, essential oils shouldn’t make up any more than 1 – 2.5% of the mixture. If you have sensitive skin, they shouldn’t make up any more than 0.5 – 1% essential oils.

Carrier Oils Help The Skin Absorb Essential Oils

Plus, carrier oils are generally very good at penetrating the hair and skin. As a result, the carrier oil literally “carriers” the essential oils into the skin. As you can imagine, this means that the essential oils are going to be more effective.

What Are Carrier Oils Made Of?

Carrier oils are typically vegetable oils. Other popular carrier oils include coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil.

Like avocado oil, some of these oils come directly from the flesh of the fruit itself. But, most carrier oils come from pressing the seeds, nuts, or kernels of the fruit or vegetable.

Carrier oils are usually extracted through cold-pressing. It helps to preserve the nutrients found in the oils. Be careful though, most manufacturers prefer refined oils over unrefined oils. After cold-pressing, the oils are further refined using harsh heat or chemicals. This leaves the carrier oil devoid of most of its nutrients.

So, when you buy a carrier oil, make sure to read the package. Choose an oil that says it is 100% unrefined.

Now that you know what a carrier oil is, you’re probably wondering, is avocado oil a carrier oil?

Is Avocado Oil A Carrier Oil?

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Can you use avocado oil as a carrier oil, or is it not suited for that?

Yes, avocado oil is a carrier oil that you can use to dilute your essential oils. It is light in color and has a nice, nutty scent to it that doesn’t disrupt the lovely smells of your essential oils.

Is Avocado Oil A Good Carrier Oil?

Choosing an avocado oil carrier oil is a good idea because avocado oil has a lot of benefits. It is full of antioxidants and fatty acids that make it very beneficial to the skin.

It penetrates deep into the layers of your skin. This way, you can better reap the benefits of both avocado oil and your chosen essential oil. Avocado oil is also very gentle, so it’s perfect for those with dry skin. People with skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff like to use avocado oil. They find that their skin is much healthier and well-nourished when using avocado oil.

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Avocado Carrier Oil Benefits

Avocado oil isn’t just good for diluting your essential oils. It also contains a lot of health benefits that can make your skin softer, stronger, and healthier.

Avocado Oil Is Moisturizing

One of the main reasons that people love avocado oil is that it’s very moisturizing. It’s a thick oil that easily penetrates the skin. Still, it’s not so thick that it’ll leave your hair or skin oily. It penetrates deep into the layers of your skin and hair. So, you will reap the full benefits of the essential oils you’re using.

Avocado Oil Is Gentle

Avocado oil is a gentle oil that is safe for almost anyone to use. The oil is perfect for all skin types, but it works exceptionally well for dry skin.

People with dry damaged skin have to be careful about what they put on their bodies. Many products can be damaging and triggering to sensitive skin. Not avocado oil. It’s so gentle that it’s often used by those with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Of course, you should test avocado oil on a small patch of your skin first to ensure that you’re not allergic.

In fact, avocado oil is so gentle that you can use it on your dog’s skin. Some people choose to use avocado oil alongside some essential oils for their dog’s itchy, dry skin. Avocado oil is gentle on the skin and safe for ingestion, so it’s okay if your dog happens to lick it.

Just use caution if you decide to add essential oils to the mix. Many essential oils can be toxic to your pets. It’s best to consult your veterinarian before adding any oils to your dog’s grooming routine.

More about the safety of avocado oil for skin here.

Avocado Oil Is Healing

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Avocado oil is also wonderful because it can help speed up the process of wound healing. The oil promotes circulation in the area where you apply it. With more blood flow to an area, your skin or hair is also producing more nutrients. With more nutrients flowing into that particular area, your skin is going to heal faster. It will also heal better, and you’ll be less likely to develop scars.

Avocado Oil Is Protective

This oil also makes a wonderful carrier oil because it protects the skin and hair. While moisturizing the skin, avocado oil forms a protective barrier over the skin. The antioxidants in the oil then protect the skin from free radicals. Free radicals include things like dirt, chemicals, and UV sun exposure.

Protection against UV exposure is super important. This is especially true if you’re using essential oils. Some essential oils, like bergamot, should not be worn in the sun because they can cause burns. Avocado oil won’t counteract that, but it can help give your skin some extra protection.

The antioxidants protect your hair from similar damaging free radicals. Avocado oil can also protect against heat damage from things like curling irons.

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If you’re looking for a carrier oil to use with your essential oils, avocado oil is one of the best. Avocado oil contains incredible amounts of nutrients and vitamins. What’s better than combining the healing benefits of your essential oils with the healing benefits of a good carrier oil?

Plus, avocado oil is gentle and perfect for any skin type. In fact, if you deal with dry, damaged skin, you’re likely to find that avocado oil was made just for you. Essential oils can be harsh on sensitive skin, so it’s nice to have a gentle carrier oil to dilute them.

No matter which way you look at it, you can’t go wrong using avocado oil as a carrier oil.

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