A good beard doesn’t just happen – it is something you need to cultivate with care. There’s a lot of products available to help you do just that, like combs, balms, waxes… and almond oil!

Almond oil is great for beards, helping to keep it healthy, comfortable and in check. It’s a particularly good product for guys who are just starting to grow their beards and dealing with that inevitable itchiness, but it also has its long term benefits too.

There are various reasons why you might want to use almond oil for your beard. While some products make sensational claims when it comes to almond oil for beard hair growth, the truth is that almond oil is good for some purposes and not so much for others – but it does have its benefits.

This article is here to sort fact from fiction.

Below, I describe what almond oil is, almond oil for beard benefits, how to apply almond oil on beard and some almond oil beard products as an alternative to using pure almond oil.

How To Use Almond Oil For Beard: Its Benefits And More!

What Is Almond Oil?

To understand what almond oil is, you first need to understand a bit about almonds.

Almonds are commonly referred to as nuts, but this is not really the case. Almonds are, in fact, a seed of the fruit of the Prunus Dulcis tree (or almond tree, more generally). Almond oil is simply the oil extracted from these seeds.

Almond fruit
Almond fruit

If you’ve ever made or eaten raw almond butter, you’ll have noticed the oil that builds up and separates. This is almond oil. However, when you’re looking for almond oil good for beard use, you need to keep in mind that there are several types of oil available. This includes refined and unrefined, as well as sweet and bitter almond oil.

Refined almond oil uses chemicals and high heat to process oil from almonds. Whilst this is an efficient and cost effective method of extracting oil, essential nutrients are lost in the process.

Unrefined almond oil differs in that the oil is extracted without using high heat or chemicals. It results in a more nutrient rich product. However, it is a more expensive option.

Sweet Vs Bitter Almond Oil

Almond oil can be further broken down into two categories – sweet and bitter. Sweet almonds are the ones most widely cultivated and grown for food and skin. They can’t be applied directly however and need to be extracted into their oil form for use on the skin.

The only almond oil you will want is sweet almond oil for beard use. This is the one we are referring to in this article.

Bitter almond oil is a different variety and may even be toxic to use or ingest.

Almond Oil Benefits For Beard

The main question out there is whether almond oil good for beard growth. Unfortunately there is no evidence to support this. However almond oil can help keep your beard comfortable, healthy and attractive.

Almond oil can make your beard more comfortable. Anyone who has tried to grow a beard knows that, especially at the beginning, there is inevitable itchiness and discomfort involved. Almond oil is a great solution to this problem as it helps keep hair soft and can moisturize the skin below.

Almond oil can improve the health of your beard hair. Hair loves vitamin E and almond oil has high amounts of this nutrient. It is also rich in zinc and vitamin B7 which can help strengthen hair and lessen split ends.

almond oil

Almond oil can keep your beard in line. Beard hair is generally less cooperative than the hair on your head. Applying almond oil can keep those odd hairs in check and make your beard hair more cooperative.

Almond oil can make your beard more attractive. Less hairs out of place, more shine, better health – this all results in a more attractive beard.

You can buy some great quality sweet almond oil here.

Can You Use Sweet Almond Oil For Beard Growth?

As stated above, there is currently no evidence that almond oil promotes beard hair growth. This means using it won’t kick start beard growth.

However, almond oil may indirectly lead to better beard growth. It’s true that there is no evidence that almond oil improves hair growth, but the unrefined variety can add essential nutrients to your beard, creating the optimal environment for healthy growth and less split ends.

This may indirectly lead to better beard growth.

Be mindful that while some products advertise almond oil for growing beard, there is no evidence that they can assist in this. What they can do however is help foster a better environment for your beard to thrive as described above.

sweet almond oil beard

How To Apply Almond Oil On Beard

The way you apply almond oil on your beard will depend on the type of product you use. Below is how you can apply pure almond oil on your beard.

  1. Brush or comb your beard to make sure it is free of tangles.
  2. Wash your face and beard.
  3. Dry your face and beard thoroughly. This is important as oil and water do not mix.
  4. Dispense a couple of drops of almond oil into the palm of your hand.
  5. Apply the oil by running your fingers through the bottom your beard.
  6. Massage the oil upwards ensuring your entire beard is coated with oil.
  7. Comb your beard to complete your style.

You can repeat this during the day if needed.

If you are using a balm/cream instead, most of the steps are the same. You will want to take a small amount of the balm into your fingers, rub this into your palms and distribute it evenly throughout your beard.

Almond Oil Beard Products

When it comes to almond oil beard products, most of the beard specific options are mixed with other types of oil. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however if you just want pure almond oil it’s something to be aware of. Some of these other additives have their own benefits to help your beard even more.

Benjamin Bernard’s Beard Oil includes plenty of almond oil as well as jojoba, avocado and lavender oil. It’s lightweight with a natural smell. Click here to see the price.

Bahawat Beard Oil offers the main benefits of almond oil with a mixture of other moisturizing oils. Simply use as you would any other beard oil. Click here to see the price.

Rebels Refinery Moisturizing Beard and Pre-Shave Oil for Men includes several ingredients like almond oil, sunflower oil and jojoba oil. Totally natural and cruelty free, you only need a few drops to style your beard. Click here to see the price.

Oak City Beard Company – Havana Beard Butter is a butter with numerous moisturizing and softening ingredients. It also smells great! Click here to see the price.

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner has great reviews, smells good, softens and helps holds your beard in shape. Click here to see the price.


A good beard is like a garden – it needs trimming, pruning and appropriate nutrients to thrive. In my opinion, the best nutrient for beard health is almond oil.

With it’s many benefits, if you’re not using it yet, I recommend giving it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Looking for other great products for your beard? Find my guide to using shea butter on beards here or castor oil here. Click here to find all our guides to almond based products or read my full guide to using almond oil on hair here and skin here. You can find my recommendations for the absolute best almond oil here.


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