Got some leftover coconut milk and wondering can I freeze coconut milk? Then you are exactly in the right place!

Coconut milk is a wonderful product. Whether you are using it for cooking, your skin, your hair or one of any other of its great uses, you’ll probably find a time when you have more than you can use in that particular moment.

I used to wonder the same thing. So I not only researched the answers but tried it out myself. Below, I give you full answers to does coconut milk freeze well including whether you can also freeze canned coconut milk. I also walk you through step-by-step how to freeze coconut milk and how to thaw it as well as whether you can do it a second time.

I share photos of each of these steps and what differences I noticed in the taste and consistency of thawed vs. fresh coconut milk.

Keep reading for all the answers!

Can You Freeze Coconut Milk?

Can You Freeze Coconut Milk?

So does coconut milk freeze? Yes, it certainly does.

Should you?

Manufacturers will often recommend against freezing their coconut milk. This is because they want you to consume their product at its absolute best.

Defrosted coconut milk - can you freeze leftover coconut milk
Defrosted coconut milk

However, freezing coconut milk can work quite well (full photos and taste testing of the results are below) and it’s a practical solution to make sure you don’t waste any of that white coconutty goodness.

While it does work quite well, it’s not the same after defrosting as before. The texture and taste changes and the liquid can become grainier. However, I don’t find this an issue. Keep reading!

Can You Freeze Canned Coconut Milk?

canned coconut milk
Canned coconut milk

So can canned coconut milk be frozen? Yes! In just the same way as fresh coconut milk and expect similar results.

If you are wondering can you freeze coconut milk in a carton, the answer is also yes. I’ll tell you how below.

How Long Does Coconut Milk Last?

Coconut milk will be fine for at least a few days in the refrigerator. Up to five days should be ok.

If you have canned coconut milk, it lasts for quite awhile. Check the expiry date and it’ll probably be good after that for a month or two longer.

Once frozen, you should try to defrost and consume within six months.

I tend to make some fresh coconut milk or open a can when I need it for a beauty treatment (like my coconut milk face mask here) or cooking and then freeze whatever is left straight away so I don’t forget about it in the refrigerator.

Read more about how long coconut milk lasts and how to tell if coconut milk goes bad here.

Exactly How To Freeze Coconut Milk

Freezing coconut milk is quite easy. You can freeze it in any container you want. I find an ice cube tray works the best. It’s easy and I always have one available. It means that later, I can easily defrost the exact amount I want.

Step 1: Pour the coconut milk into the ice tray

Coconut milk in ice tray for how long can you freeze coconut milk
All ready to freeze

You can also use other containers for this step.

Step 2: Put it in the freezer

It’ll take at least a few hours to freeze. Remember the top will freeze first, and it can still be liquid underneath. Leaving it overnight can be safest.

Step 3: Store the cubes in a freezer bag

Frozen coconut milk cubes - can i freeze coconut milk from a tin
Frozen coconut milk cubes

Do this quickly so they don’t start to defrost.

Then it’s all set to use next time you need some.

Exactly How To Defrost Coconut Milk

Defrosting coconut milk cubes in cold water
Defrosting coconut milk cubes in cold water

It’s very easy to defrost again when you need it. There are several options:

  • Leave the frozen coconut milk in the refrigerator to defrost – simply put the cubes you need into the refrigerator to defrost. Expect this to take at least overnight
  • Put the cubes in a watertight container or bag into cold water to defrost
  • Use the microwave – it won’t take long unless you have a huge amount of frozen milk so keep an eye on it. You just want it to defrost, not boil
  • Use it frozen – if you are cooking with coconut milk over heat, you could just throw it in frozen. It’ll defrost quickly as you cook

After defrosting, it needs a good stir to mix it all together again. I have heard others say you should blend it. However, I do not find this necessary (I share the exact differences between these options below).

Either way, the color, taste and consistency is a little different to the fresh coconut milk version…

Taste Testing Thawed Coconut Milk

So does coconut milk end up the same after freezing and defrosting?

I made this comparison to help you decide.

Coconut milk after defrosting compared with fresh - can i freeze leftover coconut milk
Coconut milk after defrosting (left) compared with fresh (right)

Above are glasses of both fresh coconut milk (right) and defrosted coconut milk (left).

You can see the defrosted one isn’t as white. It also looks less thick and it feels less thick when stirring.

When I tasted both, they both taste very similar. However, the defrosted one does also taste a little thinner but also tasted smoother. The fresh coconut milk tasted creamier.

I prefer the taste of the fresh coconut milk, but honestly the difference is so small, I wouldn’t worry.

What About If I Mix The Defrosted Coconut Milk?

I always stir defrosted coconut milk but you could also use an electric mixer. I don’t usually bother but I did for this experiment 🙂 See it below.

Coconut milk after defrosting and electric mixing (left) compared with fresh (right) - will coconut milk freeze
Coconut milk after defrosting and electric mixing (left) compared with fresh (right)

The defrosted one is on the left again. You can see it looks whiter and more similar in color to the fresh milk although it also looks aerated.

However, when tasting, it tasted lighter than the un-mixed version so there was a slightly bigger taste difference. The difference is only small though.

What To Use Thawed Coconut Milk For

I wouldn’t hesitate at all to use thawed coconut milk how you usually use fresh coconut milk whether that’s for cooking or beauty. However, I do prefer to use the fresh milk for my face mask as it being a little thicker works a little better.

If you use coconut milk in your smoothie, consider using the cubes directly instead of ice. Yum!

Can Coconut Milk Be Frozen… Again?

I have tried this once and the results were fine. However, in an ideal world, don’t do this. Using cubes to freeze the first time so you can get the exact amount you need is a great way to ensure you don’t need to do this a second time.

If you do want to freeze again, make sure you defrost the coconut fully first.

Can You Freeze Curry With Coconut Milk

Delicious chicken korma with coconut milk
Delicious chicken korma with coconut milk

Yes! Use an airtight container and it should freeze well for a few months. Like with coconut milk, the sauce is likely to separate a little and not be exactly the same as before freezing.

Can You Freeze Soup With Coconut Milk?

Yes! Use an airtight container and soup with coconut milk should freeze fine for a few months. Again, the soup may not be exactly the same consistency as before freezing, but it should be fine.


Coconut milk is a great product so useful for so many things. However, it’s easy to have some leftovers that you can’t use in time. In these cases, freezing coconut milk is a great idea and it works quite well.

Read more about how I use coconut milk and other useful coconut products here as well as how to tell when coconut milk has gone bad here. You can also find my full guide to storing coconut milk here.


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