6 Ways Coconut Oil Has Changed My Life (And Saved Me Money)

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Coconut oil is an elixir from the gods and yes I would go this far. I use it for so many things that it has become a staple in my life. Coconut oil can be a costly item, but if you use it in as many ways as I do then you will most definitely find that overall it cuts costs.

Coconut oil is also an ingredient you can feel really good about choosing.  It’s better both for you and the environment, its simple with no nasty chemicals – just coconut oil.

There are actually sooooo many ways to use coconut oil, and everyday I am discovering a new way to use it. Below I have listed just a few examples of how I use coconut oil on a daily basis.

6 Ways Coconut Oil Has Changed My Life


What is coconut oil


I don’t really think I need to explain this however, here it is. Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the flesh of the coconut. Done.

Coconut oil is different from other oils in that it is not always in a liquid form, when left to stand at cooler temperatures it will thicken and harden. Any coconut oil that does not do this is either not the legit stuff, or has additives.

What is so good about coconut oil

For me, the benefits of coconut oil involve three components.

The first is that coconut oil has health benefits.

Around 90% of coconut oil is made up of a special saturated fat. Science is just discovering the benefits of saturated fats.  Although saturated fat has been linked to an increase in LDL cholesterol levels, it has equally been found to increase our HDL levels, which is weird? This balancing effect has a beneficial effect on our health.

The medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil also aid in digestion, which puts less stress on other organs in the body.

The second reason I like to use coconut oil, particularly in cooking, is that coconut oil does not oxidize. This means the chemical composition does not change when heated at high temperatures, so you do not lose any of its nutrients in contrast to other oils such as olive oil which can be really bad for you when heated at higher temperatures.

To get the full benefits of coconut oil you must stick to organic virgin blends. I use  Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in a 25 oz. tub that lasts me for a long time and is really good value.

The last and probably most significant point I’d like to make about coconut oil is that it is what it is. It is coconut oil. There is nothing lurking beneath it and no hidden agenda. The ingredients list doesn’t contain anything that belongs in a laboratory and you can feel safe and comfortable both eating it and using it on your body.

The ways I use coconut oil

Coconut oil is incredibly versatile. Here are 6 ways that I use coconut oil everyday.

1. Hair

Coconut oil protects the protein of the hair by nourishing it with beneficial fats. These fats allow the oil to penetrate the hair deeper than regular conditioner resulting in a proper treatment everyday.

This method works best as a treatment but can also work for daily use too. I even made a spray bottle combining coconut oil, water and sea salt to allow my hair to stay conditioned and in shape. To do this I mixed 1 tbs of sea salt, 1 tbs of himalayan salt 1 cup of water, 1 tbs of coconut oil into a spray bottle with 1/2 cup of water (you may have to run this under hot water before using). You can also add a few drops of essence for a fresh smell.

You can make a really easy daily shampoo and conditioner by either using the coconut oil directly, or mixing one cup of water, 1 tbs of baking soda, 2 tbs of coconut oil, 1 tbs of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of any essence you like. I use peppermint as it helps me feel more manly. 🙂

2. Teeth

Coconut oil has been shown to be effective in whitening teeth, and also been shown to be one of the most effective ways to fight tooth decay. I thought this was really impressive when I heard about it but I haven’t as yet put it to the test.  But really, there are no harmful chemicals, no SLS, and it’s simple, cheap and effective.

To make coconut oil toothpaste just use: 3 tbs Coconut oil, 2 tbs baking soda, 1/4 tsp Salt, 1 tbs of Bentonite and some drops of peppermint oil, all of which have dental benefits in themselves.

Another common thing to do is ‘oil pulling’ where you use coconut oil as a mouthwash. This is said to help in whitening teeth and to be more effective than mouth wash, by rinsing your teeth in coconut oil for 10-15 minutes. I personally have not tried it but will do (when time permits).

coconut oil

3. Cooking

As I mentioned above, a major reason I like to use coconut oil in cooking is because it does not oxidize, so that the chemical composition does not change when heated. Therefore, you do not lose any of its nutrients unlike olive oil.

Coconut oil is especially great in desserts as it adds its taste whilst also helping to bind and thicken things together. Therefore it is great for raw and no bake desserts. You can find an awesome recipe for peanut butter cups made with coconut oil here.

Some people go so far as to eat it directly from the jar with a spoon. Whilst I can’t say I would do that, it can be used in so many ways for eating and cooking.

I sometimes use coconut oil in my coffee too. It gives the best, sustained caffeine rush I have ever experienced! And I do not get the come down of the normal caffeine rush. I believe this has something to do with coconut oils ability to help you absorb caffeine at a slower rate. Whatever it is, it works! For this, I just add 1 tbs of coconut oil to my coffee.

4. Shaving

I now use coconut oil for shaving as it is in my bathroom anyway and I find that it feels like it creates a barrier between my skin and the blade. Its very simple and only requires a small amount to be rubbed on the skin. You can feel safe using a sharp blade here, but it is best to shave after a hot shower.

It is so easy to wipe off and doesn’t require a big clean up like normal shaving cream (as your skin will absorb much of it) and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

To use coconut oil as shaving cream I mix 1 cup of coconut oil with 3/4 cup of Shea Butter and stir. This leaves me with enough shaving cream to get through the month! You only need very little.

It can also be nice to use some essential oil to not just freshen up the smell but to add smoothness to your skin. I like to use Rosehip Oil.

Read more about shaving with coconut oil here.

5. Lips

It’s cold where I live so I get chapped lips pretty easily. When I do get dry lips, it helps to use a little coconut oil as it is completely natural with no synthetic chemical ridden balms, like chapsticks.

I also find that other natural lip balms can be so expensive! Paw paw cream can cost me $5. I truly get my moneys worth by using coconut oil.

I have a small container that I use, in which I put some coconut oil and take with me everywhere. Also, as a guy it may be weird but I do need to use something! My lips would cut someone if it weren’t for coconut oil!!

More recently, Sarah got me addicted to her coconut oil lip balm recipe so now I often use that instead. While coconut oil works by itself, the other ingredients in the full lip balm are amazing.

Click here to read the full coconut oil lip balm recipe.

6. Deodorant

This is a relatively new way that I’ve found to use coconut oil, and I’m surprised by how effective it is.

My incentive for testing this is because I prefer a deodorant without scent, so as not to interfere with my cologne.

I find when using coconut oil as a deodorant I actually sweat less than when I wear antiperspirant (plus I’m not using any unnatural chemical blockers on my skin). And the really awesome thing is that it is really simple too. All you need to do is rub coconut oil under your arms.

Let alone smelling great I’m the envy of everyone with my super soft under arms. 🙂

How do you use coconut oil? Let me know in the comments below!

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