I’ve been a fan of using almond oil for my skin and hair for quite awhile. I then started wondering whether I could also use it for my eyelashes and whether it would work to use almond oil for eyelash growth.

Eyes are sensitive areas so I am extra strict about using natural products on them. So using almond oil for lashes seemed like a great idea.

However, I certainly wasn’t going to rush into using almond oil on my eyelashes without doing a ton of research. So I did and then I started trying it out.

Below, I share everything I have learned and experienced to answer all your questions around using sweet almond oil for eyelashes including the benefits of using almond oil, how to use it on your eyelashes and whether there is any evidence it helps with eyelash growth.

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How To Use Almond Oil For Your Eyelashes Growth, Benefits And More

What Is Sweet Almond Oil?

Almonds are an amazing ingredient. They can be used for so many things including flour, milk and, of course, oil.

Almond oil is made from the naturally occurring oils in almonds. There are two methods to make this oil.

almond oil and almonds

Almond Oil By Refining

In this process, high-heat and chemicals are used to extract the almond oil.

It’s easier and less expensive to produce almond oil this way and the oil is able to resist higher temperatures so can be useful in cooking.

However, the heat and chemicals destroy many of the nutrients in the almond oil meaning it’s less beneficial (but cheaper).

I don’t recommend this type for your lashes.

Almond Oil By Pressing

Also called unrefined almond oil, in this method the oil is extracted by pressing raw almonds. No chemicals or heat are used.

Using this method allows the almond oil to keep most of its nutrients which leads to a much better quality (but more expensive oil).

This is what you want to use for your lashes.

Is Sweet Almond Oil The Same As Almond Oil?

Quick answer, sometimes!

Almond oil refers to both types of almond oil whereas sweet almond oil refers to one type of almond oil.

There are two categories of almonds which are sweet and bitter. This correlates to the two different types of almond oil. The type you want for your eyelashes (and the more common type of almond oil) is sweet.

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Benefits Of Sweet Almond Oil

There are many benefits of almond oil for your skin, hair, eyelashes and even your insides!

This is because almond oil is full of nutrients. Some of these are vitamin E, B7, magnesium and calcium as well as moisturizing oils.

It can add shine to hair as well as being great for general hair health including helping to prevent it falling out and treating damaged hair. It also can help strengthen your hair and provides some sun protection.

Almond oil also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can particularly be beneficial to scalps, helping cleanse and with dandruff.

Almond oil can be applied using your hands and fingers. Easy peasy.

You can read more benefits of using almond oil in my article about using almond oil on skin here.

Almond Oil For Eyelashes

So almond oil is great, but does it help your eyelashes?

applying almond oil lashes

Eyelashes, like other parts of your body, benefit from moisturizing every day. This is especially true if you use mascara which can be quite drying. Since mascara is made to dry quickly so it doesn’t smudge, it dries the lashes too.

Applying a product daily to your eyelashes can help combat this.

Using almond oil for lashes gives many of the same benefits as for hair. It can help hydrate and strengthen your eyelashes thanks to its vitamin E, magnesium and calcium. If you use it regularly, it’s a great way to add moisture back to your lashes.

Hair is more likely to grow when it’s healthy and moisturized too.

Does Sweet Almond Oil For Eyelash Growth Work?

First of all, let’s talk about an eyelash’s lifecycle 🙂

An eyelash takes around a couple of weeks to grow. It then lives about 4-6 months before it’ll fall out naturally unless something has happened to dislodge it earlier (like it’s been pulled out, rubbed etc).

So putting something on your eyelashes that encourages growth could lead to them growing faster.

We’ve already talked about how almond oil can help strengthen and moisturize your lashes.

However, when it comes to helping them grow longer, there is no evidence that this is the case although it definitely shouldn’t hurt. Since almond oil helps moisturize and strengthen, it is leaving your lashes in a state where they are most likely to grow.

In my experience, I feel like my almond oil lashes look fuller and better, but I’m not sure this is actually true.

However, I do believe the almond oil is benefiting them so I have this as part of my regular skin care routine.

applying almond oil for eyelashes

How To Use Almond Oil On Lashes

Here are my exact instructions for how to use almond oil on lashes.

  1. Wash the area and remove all eye makeup
  2. Dip an eyelash brush into some almond oil
  3. Carefully apply to your eyelashes like you do mascara – start at the root and work it out
  4. Do this in the evening so it has all night to work its wonders
  5. Be patient

Because of the 4-6 week growth cycle of eyelashes, it takes this look to see the effects of using almond oil.

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I hope you have found this guide to almond oil eyelashes useful whether you want to grow your eyelashes or are looking for new and awesome ways to use almond oil.

You can find our guide to using almond oil for skin here, face here, hair here or click here to find all our guides to almond based products. You can find my recommendations for the absolute best almond oil here.


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