Organic Almond Oil For Skin: How And Where To Use

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Have some almond oil and wondering if you can use it on your skin? Looking for an all natural product you can use for skin, hair and more? You’re in the right place! In this article, we share everything you need to know about using almond oil on skin.

Almond oil is an awesome product. All natural, easy to source and easy to apply, it’s easy to hop on the almond oil bandwagon.

I first used almond oil when I broke my ankle a couple of years ago. I don’t know what it was about a broken ankle that dried my skin out so bad on my other leg, but it was bad!

I needed something I could easily get from the local store and was chemical free. Thankfully, I bought almond oil.

Why And How You Should Use Almond Oil On Your Skin

It not only helped my dry skin, but I loved how easy it is to apply and the beautiful soft feeling it leaves on my skin.

I still love using almond oil and keep a bottle on my nightstand. It just feels so soft and luscious on my skin.

However, that is just my experience. Is almond oil good for skin? What are sweet almond oil benefits for skin? How about using almond oil on your hair? Should you use almond oil for baby skin? I answer all of this below including exactly how to use almond oil for the most benefits.


What Is Almond Oil?

But first of all, what is almond oil?

Almonds are the seeds that come from almond trees (or the Prunus dulcis tree). So they aren’t actually nuts but come from the center of the almond fruit. You can see a picture of an almond fruit below.

Almond fruit
Almond fruit

Almonds are used for many things including being eaten whole, made into milk and ground into flour.

They are rich in fat so can also be made into almond oil by one of two methods after being hulled and dried.

Refined Almond Oil

In this method, almond oil is extracted via high-heat processing and chemicals. It’s an easier option which is less expensive to make and gives oil which can resist higher temperatures.

Unfortunately, this process destroys many of the almonds’ nutrients making it less beneficial to use this type of oil, but it is cheaper.

Unrefined Almond Oil

This method of making almond oil involves pressing the raw almonds to extract the almonds without using any chemicals or heat.

This produces almond oil which retains most of its nutrients.

This is a much better (albeit more expensive) almond oil to use.

Almond Oil Vs Sweet Almond Oil

Almonds fit into two categories – sweet and bitter.

Almond oil is the name given to all almond oils whereas sweet almond oil just refers to almond oil made by sweet almonds.

Sweet almond oil is the type you want to buy whether you want it for food or for your skin. Bitter almond oil is not widely available and can be toxic if not processed correctly.

Where To Use Almond Oil

There are many uses of sweet almond oil for skin and hair as well as for things like massage and cooking. When it comes to cooking, almond oil is best for situations where you don’t have to heat it so you keep its nutrients like for salad dressing.

In the below sections, I describe more fully how you can use almond oil for the skin and other places.

Almond Oil Skin Benefits

There are many reported benefits of almond oil for skin. Since almond oil does not absorb that readily, the benefits of sweet almond oil for skin happen on the surface of it.

Almond oil is an emollient and a moisturizer. This means that the almond oil benefits for skin center around how it can smooth out the skin by filling in gaps and acting as a barrier (emollient) and help your skin retain and attract moisture (moisturizer).

This means it can work well to apply almond oil for dry skin.

It’s debatable whether there are almond oil benefits on skin which is acne prone. While some people say yes, and it’s possible that the almond oil helps to clean and reduce oils on skin; it could also clog pores and cause worse problems.

If you want to try almond oil for oily skin, do it on a small patch of skin first and see what results you get.

If you are wondering about the effects of almond oil on skin stretch marks, there is some evidence that almond oil can help both stop and reduce itchiness from stretch marks. The jury is still out though on whether this is definitely the case or not.

Perhaps one of the best almond oil on skin benefits is that a study found that almond oil helped reduced the signs of aging and possibly helps to repair skin.

This is in part thanks to the vitamin E in almond oil which may also help with some limited protection from the sun (rated at SPF5).

skin care on legs

Almond oil has antifungal properties so can also work well for rubbing into feet with fungal problems.

I also use almond oil in my lip balm recipe here.

For all of these almond oil uses for skin, it’s important to use the unrefined version so the oil you use has as many nutrients as possible.

It’s easy to use almond oil for skin care. Simply pour some on your hand and rub it in. I love how soft it makes my skin feel. It’s great.

There are also some reports that you can use bitter almond oil for skin, but it is less studied.

Best Organic Sweet Almond Oil For Skin

The best organic almond oil for skin is this option by Sky Organics.

Choosing an organic, unrefined almond oil is the best way to get all the benefits possible from the best almond oil for skin.

This Sky Organics choice is 100% pure with nothing added. It’s also vegan, responsibly sourced and USDA certified organic and cruelty-free.

It’s the best brand of almond oil for skin.

Where To Buy Organic Almond Oil For Skin

If you are wondering where to buy almond oil for skin, I recommend Amazon. Nice and easy!

Organic Almond Oil For Face

For all the reasons above, almond oil is also good for use on your face.

There’s also an extra reason. Almond oil has anti-inflammatory properties which mean it can also help reduce puffiness and circles under eyes.

You can read my full guide to using almond oil on your face here or our face cream recipe which includes almond oil here.

I also recommend using almond oil in lip balm like in our recipe here.

almond oil and almonds

Can You Use Almond Oil For Skin Whitening?

Many people ask does almond oil lighten skin? The answer is no, although many people on the internet would like to tell you yes.

There is no evidence that you can almond oil for lightening skin. The upside is, it shouldn’t darken it.

Best Organic Almond Oil For Hair

So you’re convinced that there are benefits of almond oil on the skin, but what about hair?

Believe it or not but almond oil is also great for hair. The nutrients in almond oil include vitamin B7 which can help strengthen your hair. It can also soften your hair and provides some sun protection.

Need more? It’s also reported to smooth frizzy hair and is good for damaged hair. Apply it to your hair ends using your hands or add it to water to make it a spray to spray over your hair.

It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can also help your scalp in several ways. It can help balance out the yeast that can cause dandruff and can cleanse hair follicles while moisturizing the scalp.

Read my full guide to using almond oil on hair here and eyelashes here

Organic Almond Oil For Baby Massage

baby massage

Baby massages have been shown to have many benefits from helping you and baby bond to developing their brain and nervous system. It can be a great time for both parent and baby.

If you are looking for something to rub into baby during your massages, try sweet almond oil. Baby skin can benefit from almond oil much like adult skin.

This is normally safe and beneficial for baby.

In fact, research found that almond oil can be quite beneficial for premature babies, helping moisturize their skin.

Like always, make sure the almond oil is unrefined and has nothing added. Like my top pure almond oil for skin choice here.


I am a big fan of using almond oil skin care. It’s just so easy to buy and apply and is also cheap. I love keeping a bottle nearby so I can apply it regularly. The soft and luscious feel it gives my skin is worth every cent.

There are many benefits of almond oil for skin and hair and you should give it a go today!

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