Looking for a completely natural product you can use on dogs to solve any dry skin, itching or cracked paw problem? Or perhaps you use almond oil on your own skin and wonder if it can work for dogs too? Or maybe your dog just ate some almond oil and you don’t know if you should worry.

You’re in the right place. I have wondered all these things at one point or another and now am an avid almond oil user on my fur baby.

Just like for humans, there are so many almond oil benefits for dogs with dry skin. Does your poor puppy have a dry nose? Some painful cracked paws? Dry, itchy, flaky skin?

Almond Oil For Dogs Is It Safe

Whether your dog just has a patch of problem skin or the dry weather is causing your dogs problems, almond oil can help.

In this guide, I walk you through everything you need to know to answer the question, is almond oil safe for dogs? Including whether it’s toxic and whether your fur baby can eat it.

I also talk about all the benefits of almond oil for dogs and exactly how to use almond oil for dogs.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be an expert and ready to give your pooch the moisturizing treatment of its life!

What Is Almond Oil?

Almond oil is made from almonds which are seeds from almond fruit. Almond fruit are found on almond trees.

Almond fruit
Almond fruit

Almonds are full of nutrients. Many great products are made from almonds like almond milk and flour. So is almond oil!

Almonds are also rich in fat. This can be extracted to produce almond oil which contains no other ingredients. There are two ways that almond oil can be extracted.

The first way produces refined almond oil. This is when heat and chemicals are used to extract the oil. This is the cheapest and easiest method and leads to the cheapest almond oil.

However, it also results in most of the nutrients in the almonds being lost so it’s not a good choice for your dogs.

The second process produces unrefined almond oil, sometimes called cold pressed or virgin almond oil. This involves pressing the oil from the almonds without heat and chemicals. It costs more but it keeps most of the nutrients.

Make sure you buy this almond oil.

Finally, there is one more difference between almond oil types. They can be categorized as either sweet almond oil or bitter almond oil. Sweet almond oil has the most benefits without drawbacks and this is the type you’ll want to consider for your dog.

Almond Oil And Almonds

Is Almond Oil Safe For Dogs?

Yes, almond oil is safe for dogs. Both on the outside and the inside, although while it’s ok for your dog to lick some almond oil, you shouldn’t be feeding it to them.

Note, if your dog has an almond or nut allergy, obviously almond oil will not be safe for your dog.

Is Almond Oil Toxic To Dogs?

No, almond oil is fine for dogs. As long as they don’t have nut or almond allergies, like stated above, it is perfectly safe for dogs. You can use it all over their skin, nose, paws etc safely.

Can Dogs Ingest Almond Oil?

As long as there are no allergies, almond oil should not harm your dog. It is safe to consume.

Although while almond oil is not toxic for dogs, many dogs will not digest it well and eating almond oil in volume can lead to stomach problems. If you notice any problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea or signs of stomach pain, after consuming almond oil, you should ring your vet.

Almond Oil Benefits For Dogs

Unrefined, sweet almond oil is rich in protein, vitamins and nutrients that have been used for centuries on humans to help soothe and moisturize skin and treat minor cuts and abrasions.

The good news is that it also has many benefits for dogs. It is easily absorbed making it easy to apply on your dog and doesn’t leave a fatty residue.

The fatty acids in almond oil are also beneficial for dogs since dog food does not usually contain much of them so dogs usually don’t have enough fatty acids in their diet. This lack of fatty acids can mean your dog will suffer from dry and flaky skin and noses – applying almond oil for dog’s skin can help with this (more below).

Almond oil will naturally soothe and moisturize not just human skin, but dog skin too. It helps relieve any pain and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help protect against the sun. It can relax and help with muscle soreness too.

It can also help cracked paws. It will both soothe them and help repair them.

It’s a great alternative to help with any problem areas or itchy skin on your dog especially since it is completely natural and means you can avoid using chemicals. Since almond oil is safe for dogs to consume, it’s also ok if they try to lick it off.

So if you’re someone worried that my dog licked almond oil, don’t. It’s ok. If you apply it to their skin and nose, that’s going to happen. You do want to try to avoid your dog licking it off so quickly it doesn’t have time to work though.

dog almond oil

Using Sweet Almond Oil For Dogs’ Dry Skin

Apply almond oil on any dry or itchy skin on your dog. It will help soothe and moisturize their skin. It can also work well on dry noses.

Ideally, apply almond oil at night when your dog is ready to sleep. Hopefully, this will give the almond oil time to sink in and do its magic without it being licked or rubbed off.

It’s a good idea to give your dog something to chew on before you apply the oil to try to distract it. Then you can pour a small amount of almond oil on to your hand, and rub it into your dog’s skin/paw/nose.


I hope you found this guide useful to everything almond oil. Dogs can benefit from almond oil on their skin especially if they have dry skin, any flaky, itchy parts, a dry nose or cracked paws. It’s a great natural solution for any of these problems or just to give your dog a nice moisturizing treatment.

While it’s fine for dogs to consume some almond oil if they don’t have an allergy, it’s not something recommended to feed your dog and you should monitor your dog for any problem symptoms if they consume it.

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