Looking for a natural lubricant? Wondering if almond oil for lube can work?

Wonder no more!

I’m always trying to only use natural ingredients on my body. Where I have failed the most in this quest must be with lubricant. Mostly because it didn’t even cross my mind for awhile that it counted as something I used on my body.

Store bought lubricants can be very effective but they can also be full of chemicals. In fact, it can be hard to tell what is even in them when reading ingredients. Often, it seems like they are in another language.

If you are looking for a natural lube, it is worth considering almond oil. Almond oil is an awesome natural solution. Below, I walk you through what almond oil is before answering the big question – can you use sweet almond oil as lube? I then walk through some tips for using almond oil lube for sex.

Spoiler alert: You can use sweet almond oil for lube! Keep reading for full details.

What Is Almond Oil?

Almonds are the seeds of almond fruit which grow on the almond tree (or Prunus dulcis). One of these is pictured below.

Almond fruit
Almond fruit

These almonds can be made into many awesome products including ground into flour and made into milk.

One of the best things you can do with almonds is turn it into almond oil.

Almonds are rich in fat which is why you can extract oil from almonds. This extracted oil is called almond oil. There are two ways in which this is done after almonds are hulled and dried.

The first way is called refining and it creates almond oil by using heat and chemicals to extract the oil. This is cheaper and easier than the second method so leads to cheaper oil BUT many of almond oil’s nutrients are lost in this process which means you lose many of the benefits of using almond oil with this type.

The second way is called unrefined. In this method, almond oil is pressed out of almonds without using any heat or chemicals. It’s more expensive but it keeps more of the nutrients in the oil. This is the better almond oil used for lube.

You may also see the terms sweet almond oil and almond oil used interchangeably but they do mean something a little different. Almond oil refers to all types of almond oil whereas sweet almond oil refers to only almond oils made by sweet almonds.

Most almond oils are sweet almond oil and I recommend you use sweet almond oil for lube.

You can buy some here.

almond oil lube

Can You Use Almond Oil For Lube?

You shouldn’t just use any oil as lube. After all, it’s going to go on a very sensitive part of your body! So it is worth researching to make the right choice.

The good news is that using almond oil as lube works! It can make a good lubricant.

However, it is not recommended with condoms so take this into consideration.

Almond oil can be a good choice because not only does it work as a lubricant, it’s also great for your skin and is far less greasy than many other oils. It’ll even moisturize as it lubes.

It also doesn’t absorb away too fast so you won’t have to keep re-applying.

It smells great, and it’s also safe to eat with only a mild taste which has its advantages 🙂

It’s generally great for people with sensitive skin but I do recommend you try a patch test first – rub a small amount of almond oil into a patch of skin on your arm and make sure you don’t have any ill effects. It;’s better to have a problem on your arm than down below.

As an added bonus, almond oil also works great as a massage oil – so there are many reasons you may want to keep it on your nightstand.

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How About Almond Oil As Anal Lube?

There is no reason not to use almond oil anal lube as long as you aren’t worried about condoms.

Tips For Using Sweet Almond Oil For Sex

An almond oil lubricant works well for all the reasons above. Here are some tips for sex:

  • You can use it as a massage oil so you could start off with a massage and then rub it onto the parts that need lubricating
  • It is edible, has a mild taste and nice smell so it works well for oral sex
  • It shouldn’t need re-applying but if areas get dry, it should be safe to use more
  • If you’ve never used almond oil on your skin before, particularly if you have sensitive skin, rub a small amount into a patch on your arm. Look for any reaction before you use almond oil in more sensitive places
  • DO NOT USE with condoms. Like all oils and oil-based lubricants, it can break condoms
  • DO NOT USE if you are allergic to almonds or tree nuts


I hope you’ve found this guide to using almond oil personal lubricant useful. As stated above, you can use almond oil for lubricant and it can work well as long as you don’t need to use condoms.

It can work well for all types of sex including oral and anal.

Have fun!

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