Many people love cocoa butter. It has wonderful moisturizing properties and a delicious chocolate scent. But, have you ever thought of using cocoa butter on your face?

If you have dry or normal skin, you should consider using cocoa butter on your face. It will hydrate your face and get it back to feeling soft and smooth. It’s especially helpful if you deal with eczema or psoriasis.

There isn’t much debate. Cocoa butter is great for facial skin if you have the right skin type.

cocoa butter on face at night

But, is there any benefit to using cocoa butter at night versus in the morning or during the day?

Below, you can find my full guide to using cocoa butter on your face at night including all the benefits to doing this and exactly how to use cocoa butter on your face at night for the best results.

What Is Cocoa Butter?

cocoa butter

Cocoa butter, or cacao butter, comes from the cocoa plant, Theobroma cacao. Over 50% of cocoa butter production takes place in West Africa. They also grow in parts of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

People have been using cocoa butter for over 3,000 years because it makes a great moisturizer. There hasn’t been much research on the effectiveness of cocoa butter. Still, people have sworn by it for centuries.

One of my favorite things about cocoa butter is that it comes from the cocoa bean. That’s right, the same cocoa bean that we use to make chocolate. Cocoa butter comes from the fat of the bean, while we make chocolate from the powder of the bean. One thing is the same though, both products smell deliciously of chocolate!

There are two different kinds of cocoa butter available: unrefined and refined.

Refined Vs Unrefined Cocoa Butter

Unrefined cocoa butter is pure and goes through very little processing. It retains all its valuable nutrients as well as its chocolatey smell. Because it has all its nutrients, it’s going to be more beneficial for your skin.

We create refined cocoa butter by using harsh chemicals. These chemicals remove most of the beneficial nutrients. It’s not going to be as good for your skin, but it’s preferred by manufacturers. This is because it’s more stable, so it’s easier to mix with other ingredients, and it will stay good for longer.

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Is Cocoa Butter Good For Your Face?

Whether cocoa butter is good for your face depends on your skin type. Cocoa butter is great for those with dry or normal skin.

Cocoa butter is a very moisturizing product that will have your skin feeling new again. It can reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots, and can prevent your skin from aging. We’ll cover this more in-depth later.

Yet, you shouldn’t use cocoa butter on your face if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Cocoa butter is highly comedogenic. A comedogenic substance is something that clogs pores. When your pores clog, your face will produce more oil, and you may develop a bacterial infection. This all leads to acne.

Beauty products receive a rating on a comedogenic scale of 0-5. “0” is completely non-comedogenic, while “5” is highly comedogenic. Cocoa butter is a “4” which means that it’s very likely to clog your pores and make your acne worse.

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Cocoa Butter On Face At Night Benefits

is cocoa butter good for your face

There are many reasons why cocoa butter is good to use on your face. It’s moisturizing, anti-aging, and protective.

Cocoa Butter Is Moisturizing & Protective

Cocoa butter acts as an emollient to lock moisture into the skin. Unlike many other products, cocoa butter is very thick and is easily absorbed into the skin. Despite being thick, it does not leave the skin greasy.

Because cocoa butter is thick, it also forms a protective barrier over the skin. This is useful because our skin is exposed to many damaging things every day. It protects the skin from pollutants like chemicals, dirt, and microbes.

Cocoa butter can also protect the skin from sun damage. BUT, you should not use cocoa butter as a replacement for sunscreen.

Cocoa butter also contains nutrients like arachidic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, and stearic acid. These fatty acids help with moisturization as well as protection. They help the skin fight free radicals, environmental pollutants, and UV damage.

Cocoa Butter Can Reduce The Appearance Of Scars

Cocoa butter is also great for reducing the appearance of scars. Cocoa butter contains antioxidants like vitamins A & E which fight free radicals. Free radicals are agents that cause the breakdown of the skin. This leads to damage like scars, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.

The antioxidants will help to heal damaged skin cells. They also promote the production of new skin cells. This improves the elasticity of the skin, making it less susceptible to damage.

Still, cocoa butter is only known to be helpful for superficial scars. Deep scars or scars that are older than two years old likely won’t react to cocoa butter.

To try and reduce the appearance of your scars, you’ll need to use cocoa butter every day. Massage the butter over your scar in a circular or vertical motion.

If you do this for at least 10-minutes two to three times a day, you should notice your scars begin to disappear.

Cocoa Butter Can Help Reduce The Appearance Of Hyperpigmentation

Cocoa butter also reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Cocoa butter contains vitamin K. This vitamin reduces the discoloration caused by dark spots, bruises, and stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter Can Reduce The Appearance Of Aging

Cocoa butter also prevents the signs of aging. Many people use cocoa butter to treat wrinkles, inflammation, and sagging.

Cocoa Butter Makes A Good Makeup Remover

When melted, cocoa butter takes on an oily texture that makes it good for removing makeup. You can use it to remove any kind of makeup, but it works especially well for waterproof makeup.

Oil is hydrophobic meaning that it does not mix with water. So, while water will not remove waterproof makeup, oily cocoa butter will.

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How To Use Cocoa Butter On Face Overnight

cocoa butter in container

For the best benefits, I recommend applying cocoa butter to your face overnight. You may be wondering, what are the benefits? Why is it any different using cocoa butter at night versus any other time of the day?

You should use cocoa butter at night because this is when the skin repairs itself. We already know that cocoa butter is moisturizing and has skin-repairing abilities. Why not help your skin repair itself by adding cocoa butter to the mix?

You can always use pure raw cocoa butter since it works well. It’s natural and will keep your skin healthy all on its own.

You can also buy a product with cocoa butter as the ingredient. The products usually include other ingredients that are also helpful for the skin. Still, be careful that the product doesn’t include harmful ingredients as well.

My favorite option is to make my own cocoa butter products. This way, you know exactly what is going into your mixture.

Below are some of my favorite recipes:

[mv_create key=”83″ type=”recipe” title=”Cocoa Butter Night Cream” thumbnail=”null”]

To use, first rinse off your face with warm water. Then, massage the cream into your face.

[mv_create key=”84″ type=”recipe” title=”Cocoa Butter Anti-Aging Night Cream” thumbnail=”null”]

To use, rinse off your face with warm water and massage the cream into your face.


If you plan to use cocoa butter, I recommend using it overnight. It’s best if you use cocoa butter first thing in the morning as well as overnight. But, if you only want to use it once a day, choose night time.

Using cocoa butter at night will protect your skin and give it more time to become moisturized. It’s simply a great idea.

If you’ve never used cocoa butter at night before, give it a try. You might wake up shocked at the results it’s had on your skin.

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