Got some almond oil sitting around and wondering if it’s still ok to use? Can it go bad? How should you store almond oil to make it last and what is the shelf life of almond oil anyway?!

I’ve got all the answers to these questions and more below.

I am an avid fan of almond oil and always keep some around including on my bedside table for any problem skin spots. A couple of times, I have found old almond oil bottles with no idea of whether I should still use them or not.

So I hit the books (ie the internet) and found out all the answers, put them into practice and then shared them with you here.

This includes all the best things you should do to make sure you don’t use bad almond oil and help your almond oil stay great for as long as possible.

How Long Does Almond Oil Last?

Does Almond Oil Go Bad?

Yes, almond oil can definitely go bad. Because it contains oils, it can become rancid.

This happens when oils are exposed to air, light, moisture or bacteria. Storing almond oil correctly will help delay this process for as long as possible – more below!

How Can You Tell If Almond Oil Is Bad?

There are three ways to tell if your almond oil is rancid and no longer good. This is by:

  1. Examining your almond oil – has the color or anything else changed?
  2. Sniffing your almond oil – does it smell sour? Disgusting? Anything but it’s usual almondy goodness?
  3. Tasting your almond oil – does it taste bad?

If there is anything wrong in any of these steps then I would throw out your almond oil. I only recommend tasting it as a last resort if it looks and smells ok but you still aren’t confident it is fine to use.

Almond Oil And Almonds

How Long Does Almond Oil Last? Almond Oil Shelf Life

So how long does sweet almond oil last?

Your almond oil should have a best before date listed on it somewhere.

Note that this is generally the date that the manufacturer of this product believes that their almond oil will be at its best quality – it doesn’t mean that the next day it will be no good. From this date, you can expect it to degrade in quality however.

The shelf life of sweet almond oil is generally to this date plus a year as long it hasn’t been opened.

If it has been opened, the almond oil shelf life is about six months after opening.

Note these dates are only meant as a guideline. You should check your almond oil isn’t bad by using the steps above if it is past its expiry date or been open for awhile.

How To Store Almond Oil

When it comes to how to store sweet almond oil, it’s important to use a sealed container to store your almond oil. Usually the container the almond oil came in is just fine.

It should also be cooled in a dark, dry, cool place. Exposure to heat, moisture, air and light will shorten the lifespan of your almond oil and can cause it to go rancid like noted above.

What Are The Benefits Of Almond Oil?

Almond oil is full of nutrients and helpful fats which can be of benefit to you. Almond oil can be used in cooking as well as for hair and skin care.

You can read our full guides to the benefits of:


I hope you found this guide to how long does almond oil last useful! Almond oil is a great product and it can last a long time if you store it correctly.

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