You might’ve heard how wonderful jojoba oil is for hair and skin, but have you ever thought of using jojoba oil on nails? 

Jojoba oil works very similarly on your nails as it does on your skin. It penetrates your cuticles and nails and moisturizes them to provide you with healthier and softer nails.

Having brittle nails that crack and break all the time is very frustrating and can even be painful at times. There are so many products out there that claim to make nails stronger, but really don’t do anything. 

If this is the case for you, you might just need to try something simple: 100% pure unrefined jojoba oil.

Below, I cover whether jojoba oil is good for nails and the benefits it has for your nails. I then describe exactly how to use jojoba oil for your nails and what the best jojoba oil is for nail health.

jojoba oil for nails

What Is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil is derived from the jojoba plant which grows naturally in parts of Northern Mexico, Arizona, and California. Locals have known about the benefits of jojoba oil for centuries, and have been using the natural product to treat their skin and hair. 

Today, more and more people are recognizing just how great jojoba oil can be for your health. 

Despite what the name suggests, jojoba oil is not really an oil. It is a wax ester. Why is it called an oil, then? Well, jojoba “oil” looks just like oil when it’s kept at room temperature. 

Why does it matter that jojoba oil isn’t a true oil? Let’s just say, the fact that it’s not an oil means great things for your skin. 

This is not to say that true oils are bad for your skin. Quite the opposite, products like castor oil and almond oil are also wonderful for your skin. Jojoba “oil” is simply great in a different way. 

Because jojoba oil is a wax ester, it is much lighter than most traditional oils, so it often feels better on the skin. It also offers added protection against pollutants that other oils might not offer. 

Most of all, jojoba “oil” tends to work better than true oils because it mimics the composition of the oil our body naturally produces. 

Our skin naturally produces an oil called “sebum”. Jojoba oil is almost identical to sebum in composition, meaning that it is able to restore the balance of your skin as well as lower oil production if you produce too much.

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Is Jojoba Oil Good For Nails?

Jojoba Oil In A Bottle

Jojoba oil is great for both skin and hair, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s good for your nails as well. 

This oil is so good for nails because the cuticles, the skin surrounding the nails, and the nails themselves are easily able to absorb it. 

Why is that? It’s because the molecules in the oil are much smaller than the molecules in other oils. This allows the oil to penetrate your skin with ease and stay within your skin for a longer period of time. 

What Makes Jojoba Oil So Great? 

It’s wonderful that jojoba oil can make your nails healthier, but how exactly does it do that? The answer is quite simple — jojoba oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Some nutrients that can be found in jojoba oil include vitamins E and B, copper, zinc, selenium, chromium, and iodine. 

Argan Oil VS Jojoba Oil For Nails 

Honestly, most people agree that argan oil is more beneficial for nails than jojoba oil. This is because argan oil contains more vitamin E, and is more moisturizing than jojoba oil. Argan oil will stay on the skin for longer than jojoba oil, providing hydration for longer. 

With that said, jojoba oil comes in at a close second to argan oil, so there’s no reason to write it off.

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Benefits Of Jojoba Oil For Nails

Just as jojoba oil can work wonders on your skin and hair, there are many jojoba oil benefits for nails. 

Jojoba Oil + Nails = Softer Cuticles & Nails

Remember how I said that jojoba oil absorbs easily into the skin? Well, the hydration provided by the jojoba oil is great for making the cuticles soft. When your cuticles are healthier and softer, it helps your nail as a whole. A properly hydrated cuticle leads to a softer nail. 

You may be thinking that harder nails would be stronger, but it’s actually the opposite. When nails are soft, they are able to bend more easily, and they are less likely to break. 

Jojoba Oil Promotes Nail Growth

Likewise, when your nail is healthier and softer, it will grow more quickly. A healthy nail that is not breaking or peeling all the time has a better chance to grow stronger and longer. 

Your nails also contain a collagen matrix that can hinder growth when damaged. If this matrix gets broken, jojoba oil has the ability to repair it. 

Jojoba Oil Can Help Prevent Infections

Another reason that jojoba oil is so great is that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This makes it very useful in fighting bacterial and fungal infections. 

Our hands are constantly touching everything, so if you have a cut near your nail, you’re more likely to develop a bacterial infection. 

Fungal infections are also quite common on the feet. Many people overproduce sweat from their feet, creating the ideal environment for a fungal infection to sprout up.

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Exactly How To Use Jojoba Oil For Nails

jojoba oil for nails

It should be clear now that jojoba oil is a great product to use on your nails. What might not be so clear is how to use it. 

Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E For Nails

Have you ever thought of using jojoba and vitamin E oil for nails? Jojoba oil is already naturally penetrating and absorbing, so adding vitamin E to the mix simply increases your nail’s health. 

Jojoba oil already contains vitamin E, so it’s not necessary to add any more. However, if you mix vitamin E essential oils with your jojoba oil, you’ll really pack a punch. 

Vitamin E has antioxidant, antibacterial, and regenerative properties which make it an ideal ingredient for the health of nails.

If you’d like to include vitamin E with your jojoba oil, check out this recipe:

This recipe is ideal for people dealing with dry and cracked cuticles, or nails that break easily.

[mv_create key=”46″ type=”recipe” title=”Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E Cuticle Oil” thumbnail=”null”]

You can then massage a few drops of the mixture into your cuticles. Make sure to shake up the container before each use to ensure all oils are mixed.

Jojoba Oil For Nail Fungus 

Combining jojoba oil with oregano oil for nail fungus can work wonders and get you healing in no time. Oregano oil is great because it contains thymol which is antibacterial and anti inflammatory. 

Oregano oil is also much more potent than jojoba oil alone, which is why it’s the best oil to use to treat nail fungus. 

With that said, we’ve already discussed how well jojoba oil can help with fungal infections as well. 

Besides that, oregano oil can severely dry out the skin if used too much. If you’re treating a nail infection, it’s almost guaranteed to dry your skin. Jojoba oil will dilute the oregano oil and keep your skin moisturized while the oregano oil works its magic. 

All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of jojoba oil with 3-4 drops of oregano oil. Make sure the two oils are thoroughly mixed, and then massage the mix into your nails once a day until the fungus is gone. 

What Is The Best Jojoba Oil For Nails? 

My favorite jojoba oil for fingernails is Cliganic USDA Organic Jojoba Oil. It comes in a large 16 oz bottle, or a smaller 4 oz bottle, and is 100% unrefined jojoba oil.

It is certified organic by the USDA, so it does not contain any chemicals that would be dangerous to your nails.

Final Words

One of the best ways to heal your nails and make them stronger is by combining vitamin E and jojoba oil for nails. Jojoba oil and vitamin E oil work in perfect combination to strengthen your nails and make them softer. 

If you have trouble with nail fungus, try jojoba oil and oregano oil instead. Oregano works wonders on fungal infections. Add jojoba oil to the mix and you have something even stronger and moisturizing. 

Once you’ve experienced jojoba nails, you’ll never go back!

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