Have you ever thought about using jojoba oil for face wrinkles? You will experience an amazing improvement in your skin after using jojoba oil. Wrinkles will seem to melt away after weeks of regular use.

The great thing about jojoba oil is that it is moisturizing and heals the skin. It can prevent wrinkles from showing up in the first place. It can also reduce wrinkles after they’ve occurred.

In this full guide to using jojoba oil on wrinkles, I cover exactly what jojoba oil is, its benefits for wrinkles and skin and exactly how to use jojoba oil for the best results.

jojoba oil for wrinkles

What Is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil comes from the jojoba plant, Simmondsia chinensis. You will find this shrub growing in parts of northern Mexico, Arizona, and California. It is also found across Israel and Argentina.

Locals — particularly Native Americans — have been using jojoba oil for centuries. It treats open wounds, moisturizes skin, and protects skin from the sun and pollutants.

Today, jojoba oil is becoming increasingly popular as a health and beauty product. It is mostly used as a moisturizer for the skin. You can also use it to soften your hair. It is so gentle that you can use it on the face and lips.

jojoba oil

We call jojoba oil an oil because of its consistency when stored at room temperature. It is not an oil, though. It is a wax-ester. Being a wax-ester, its composition mimics that of sebum. Sebum is a natural oil that our skin produces. This makes jojoba oil the perfect product to use for skin.

Not all jojoba oil is the same. There are two kinds that you can choose from: unrefined or refined jojoba oil. Your preferences may differ, but I will always recommend unrefined.

Unrefined is better because it is extracted naturally. The oil is not exposed to anything harsh, so it does not lose any nutrients or vitamins.

Refined oil is extracted using harsh chemicals and heat. This harsh way of refining the oil removes most of the nutrients and vitamins.

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Is Jojoba Oil Good For Wrinkles?

Jojoba oil and wrinkles go great together. As I mentioned earlier, people have been using jojoba oil for centuries to treat the skin. There are reasons for this that I will go over later.

The bottom line is this: jojoba oil moisturizes and tightens the skin. Healthier skin means fewer wrinkles. Make sense?

Jojoba Oil Benefits For Wrinkles (And Skin In General)

Jojoba Oil As A Moisturizer

Jojoba oil is an emollient which means it hydrates skin and locks in moisture. When the skin is moisturized, it’s also going to be healthier.

One reason that jojoba oil can moisturize so well is because of its composition. Remember when I said that jojoba oil mimics sebum? That’s important.

Sebum is an oil produced by our skin to lubricate our skin. Sometimes, our bodies don’t create enough sebum, and that leaves us with dry skin. Because jojoba oil is almost identical to sebum, it acts as a substitute to moisturize skin.

Jojoba Oil Is Non-Comedogenic

When choosing a moisturizer, you want to pick a product that will not clog your pores. Clogged pores can cause an overproduction of oil in the skin, and it can cause infection or acne.

Jojoba oil works as a moisturizer because it is non-comedogenic. In other words, it will not clog your pores.

Jojoba Oil Promotes Wound Healing

As if moisturizing the skin wasn’t enough, jojoba oil will also promote wound healing.

Jojoba oil contains many nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants essential to skin health. It also has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Sometimes, as our skin ages, we can experience uncomfortable swelling.

The nutrients and antioxidants work together to help your skin heal faster. It also promotes the creation of new skin cells. New skin cells will replace the old, damaged skin cells to make your skin healthier.

What does this mean for wrinkles?

Jojoba Oil For Skin Wrinkles

Remember that jojoba oil is a moisturizer. Wrinkles are often a result of a lack of moisture. When you hydrate your skin with jojoba oil, your skin tightens. The elasticity of your skin also improves. When your skin becomes firmer and more elastic, you will begin to notice a reduction in wrinkles.

Jojoba oil’s wound-healing abilities also make it great for wrinkles. Wrinkles aren’t a wound, but they are a result of aging and damaged skin. The antioxidants and nutrients in jojoba oil can help with wrinkles. They will promote the creation of new, healthier skin cells. These new skin cells will replace the damaged skin cells that are causing wrinkles.

Over time, you can notice a significant reduction in wrinkles.

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Jojoba Oil Under Eye Wrinkles

Don’t worry, try using jojoba oil for under-eye wrinkles. You can use jojoba oil for wrinkles around the eyes. I promise it’s safe.

Remember that jojoba oil is gentle and safe for all skin types. It won’t bother the skin around your eyes. Just take care not to get it in your eyes.

Learn more about using jojoba oil for eyes here.

Jojoba Oil VS Argan Oil For Wrinkles

jojoba oil and argan oil

Both jojoba oil and argan oil are great for skincare, but jojoba oil is better when it comes to holding off wrinkles.

Argan oil is a true oil unlike jojoba oil, and it has a thicker composition. Because it’s thicker, argan oil can’t penetrate and moisturize the skin as well as jojoba oil does.

Results show that argan oil is good for protecting the skin against the elements. This is one reason it prevents aging. Jojoba oil also moisturizes and heals the skin. This reduces the signs of wrinkles and helps prevents them.

Exactly How To Use Jojoba Oil For Wrinkles

There are a few different ways that you can use jojoba oil for wrinkles. This means that there is an option for everyone, no matter your preferences.

Use As-Is

The easiest way to use jojoba oil is to use it as-is. Jojoba oil is a carrier oil, so it is very gentle so that you can use it alone. Massage the oil into your skin with circular motions for best results.

Remember, a little goes a long way. You don’t need to use much jojoba oil, about 4-6 drops should be fine. Any more than that and your skin may appear oily.

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Buy A Jojoba Oil Product

The second easiest way to use jojoba oil is to buy a product that has jojoba oil as an ingredient. These are not difficult to find, but they may not be as effective.

Most products use refined oil that has lost most of its nutrients. You should be careful to look for a product made with the unrefined oil.

Mix It With Your Favorite Product

This is another simple way of using jojoba oil. If you already have a moisturizer that you love, you might not want to replace it. Well, you don’t have to! Just put a dollop of the moisturizer in your hand and add a few drops of jojoba oil. Mix them and use the moisturizer as usual.

If you want to make a more effective product, I recommend creating your product. Here are some of my favorite recipes:

Jojoba Oil Bottles

[mv_create key=”50″ type=”recipe” title=”Jojoba Oil Anti-Wrinkle Serum” thumbnail=”null”]

This is a nice moisturizer that you can use overnight. It combines the healing properties of jojoba oil with those of essential oils.

To start, apply a few drops to your face and massage them into your skin. Leave the serum on overnight and rinse off in the morning.

If you’d like a quicker method, go for a face mask. It feels amazing, and you’ll be done in just 20 minutes.

[mv_create key=”51″ type=”recipe” title=”Jojoba Oil Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask” thumbnail=”null”]

Once ready, apply the mixture to your face and neck and allow the mask to remain on your face for 20 minutes before rinsing off.

It can be tougher to get rid of wrinkles under your eyes. It’s a good idea to have a product that targets those tough spots. Try making this recipe below:

[mv_create key=”52″ type=”recipe” title=”Jojoba Oil Under Eye Serum” thumbnail=”null”]

You can then massage 1-2 drops of oil under your eye. You can store leftover oil in a small glass container and use it regularly.


If you’ve ever thought about using jojoba oil for eye wrinkles, I’m here to tell you to give it a try. Jojoba oil is one of the best products you can use for the prevention and reduction of wrinkles. The oil mimics the natural oil that our skin produces. This allows our skin to get more moisture that it needs, and helps heal damaged skin.

There are several ways that you can use jojoba oil. Use it as-is, create an undereye serum, or create an overnight moisturizer. You’re bound to see your wrinkles improve.

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